Efrain Gonzalez y sus Muchachos
Parranda Costeña, Bambuco

Parranda Costeña, front

Parranderos were travelling musicians, taking their instruments
under the arm and going ’round from bar to bar to play their songs
for the public and earn a few bucks this way. The lp we have for you
today is one by Efrain Gonzalez y sus Muchachos, it is his first
appearance here at the GG but it’s a good one. Singers are Esteban
Salas, Agustin Polo and Buitraguito.( we’ve seen him before ) On
the obscure ‘Bambuco’ label, as usual they forgot to put a
year of release on the label or backsleeve, if
anyone should know, can you tell us ?
Meantime, just get it, play it and
tell your friends about it..


1 El burrito
2 La camisa por fuera
3 Vana espera
4 La puerca
5 La burrita de ño manue
6 Marquesa
7 La pata pela
8 Ron y cerveza
9 Las golondrinas sincelejanas
10 Solo tu negro
11 El guayabo
12 El cuento


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Parranda Costeña, Bambuco

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