Kouka C. Celio et l’Orchestre le Peuple
Beau-Saccot Sound, BSS 3301

Kouka C. Celio, front

Over the past years we had a couple of lp’s with Trio CePaKos,
with Pamelo Mounk’a and Kosmos Moutouari. The ‘Ce’ stands
for Celestin Kouka Celio and today we have an album of their
Orchestre le Peuple but just with Kouka C. Celio. It sounds as
bright as we already hoped it would, just love them guitars of
Orchestre le Peuple. Celio’s voice, the warm hornsound,
and I didn’t even mention those phat rhythms yet, hell
yes, in other words, do not miss listening to another
great piece of Congo’s musical inheritance,
..get it & spread it..


1 Sala m’bongo
2 Pépé
3 Na lati mokuya
4 Debora


6 thoughts on “Kouka C. Celio et l’Orchestre le Peuple
Beau-Saccot Sound, BSS 3301

  1. Moos, I take to heart your request. I will share this on (up to 4!) Ambiance Congo radio programs. Only 4? Well, there are only 4 tracks. I try not to play anything twice unless a song is requested.
    Stunning record. I want a clean copy of this!

  2. Humbly suggested. If you are dubbing a .WAV or .AIF file from the record, there is a program called ClickRepair that does an excellent job of removing clicks and pops, without degrading overall sound. It takes ClickRepair less than a minute to clean an entire LP. Not sure, it may only be a Mac program.

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