Morgan Blanco – Cumbias Gigantes
OCM, Mexico DM 199

Morgan Blanco, front

Good morning groovers, what have we got cooking today ?
This lp by Morgan Blanco is a Mexican release. When
listening closely, you hear the fade-outs are done a little
sloppy, it seems OCM label raked together a bunch of
Morgan Blanco’s cumbias on this lp. It does not appear
to be a career album. The cumbias presented however
are of Colombian quality, renditions of songs written by
Ovidio Martinez, Rosendo Martinez, Rafael Mejia,
Nicolás Ortiz, Carlos Román and Morgan
Blanco himself. Worth at least
a couple of spins..


1 Noche de cumbiamba
2 Ramita de matimba
3 El polleron
4 Cumbia nativa
5 Rosa maria
6 Cumbia en el sol
7 Cumbia de america
8 Cumbia sobre el mar
9 Sabor de cumbia
10 Cumbia negra
11 Baila juana
12 Carita pinta


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OCM, Mexico DM 199

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