Colacho Mendoza – La Golondrina
Mi Mejor Concierto Vallenato vol. 2
Polydor 1971

Colacho Mendoza, front

So far we had five albums with Colacho Mendoza, they seem
to get better all the time. The more I play his music, the more
I like it. For this saturday we have another of his great records.
La Golondrina is from 1971 and the second volume titled ‘Mi
Mejor Concierto Vallenato’. Just love the rhythms, Colacho’s
voice and acordeon, the whole thing, listen and enjoy..


01 – La golondrina
02 – Compadre simon
03 – Cecilia
04 – Salvadora
05 – La bruja
06 – Callate corazon
07 – Donde quiera que vayas
08 – Mercedes
09 – La tijera
10 – Amor con frenesi


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