Merger – Exiles ina Babylon
Sun-Star 1977

Merger, front

Merger, inside

Not long ago I was watching a documentary on Youtube about the
developement of reggae in the UK. I really liked it, the birth of two-tone
for instance, wonderful video which I added below. It’s a great piece of
history I enjoyed a lot. There is one group however of which I would
have loved to find some footage in the documentary. This lp by Merger
was a personal favourite in the early days and I think the group deserves
a place in that story. One way or the other, it’s never too late to give
them the attention deserved so here is 77 which is obviously their
1977 lp. It brings back memories, were you there..?
Get it & spread it..


01 – 77
02 – Ghetto child
03 – Life song
04 – Exiles ina babylon
05 – Understanding
06 – African lady
07 – Have you heard ?
08 – Waterfalls
09 – Massa gana


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Sun-Star 1977

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