Afro Rythmes présente,
Afro Rythmes 1981

Kanda-Bongo-Man, front

Good morning, how about some soukous to start up the week?
Kanda Bongo man is here first time with this 1981 slice of hot
African vinyl. With Diblo on guitar, what can go wrong? Listen
and make up your own mind, get & spread as usaual..


01 – Iyole
02 – N’sambi-carol
03 – Amina
04 – Mazina


7 thoughts on “Afro Rythmes présente,
Afro Rythmes 1981

      • Deejay Moos, I am guilty of not keeping in touch. However you can see the amount of hits from India, they are almost all from Pune, India… I love your music and I love your commitment. Apurva

  1. That’s a great album by Mr. Kanda Bongo Man, that should be his very first one. Somehow, it marks the beginning of a successful period for him with his following album Sai (everyone danced in that tune) and songs like J.T., Monie, etc… Hopefully, more albums of him will be posted. Thanks again Moos and keep up the good work.

  2. thanks moos for the kanda bongo man. he was one of the first soukous artists i listened to back in the 80s. those incessant rhythms and diblo’s guitar turned me on to that music. and it still sounds good today.
    thanks for all you do.

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