Jackson do Pandeiro – O Cabra da Peste
Warner Music

Jackson do Pandeiro, front

This morning I wanted to rip an album by Jackson do Pandeiro
and only when halfway I realised it was the wrong slice of vinyl
inside. What a shame, time spoiled but not to worry, I decided
to rip a cd with another famous album by Jackson. O Cabra da
peste is originally from 1966 but the cd release is from 2001.
Eleven forró songs you’ll like almost for sure,
give’m a go and enjoy listening..


01 – Capoeira mata um
02 – Tá roendo
03 – A ordem é samba
04 – Pinicapau
05 – Forró quentinho
06 – Bodocongó
07 – Secretária do diabo
08 – Vou sambalançar
09 – Alegria do vaqueiro
10 – Forró do biá
11 – Papai vai de trem


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Warner Music

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