the Latin Brothers – Te Encontre
Discos Fuentes 1976

the Latin Brothers, front

Fuentes label b-side

Mario Rincon P.

Colombian salsa would not have been the same without the
music of the Latin Brothers. Still with Joe Arroyo this 1976
album is one that stands out for the sound we all
love. The trombones add rough edges, sweet
background vocals and the swell producing by
Mario Rincon Parra make this album a true
listening pleasure, check it out yourself..


01 – Te encontre
02 – Dudando
03 – Dos caminos
04 РAntioque̱ita
05 – Canto por no llorar
06 – Ya no hay amor
07 – Patrona de los reclusos
08 – Quiero ser tu vida
09 – Te fuiste a cali
10 – Calle 13


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Discos Fuentes 1976

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