Franco & l’Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz – volume 1
african 360.104, 1977

Franco front

Okay, let’s do something out of the ordinary and post another
lp from the same series. I noticed 360.104 was not here as well.
Just being in the good mood by listening to le grand maƮtre.
Here’s volume 1. Nothing else to say, get it and spread it..


01 – Na loba loba pampa te
02 – Tolinganaki toboyanaki
03 – Kamusengele
04 – Monzo


6 thoughts on “Franco & l’Orchestre T.P. O.K. Jazz – volume 1
african 360.104, 1977

  1. I have known your site for many years, been gone off into Library Music land for a few years, but am happy to circle back around again to see the great wealth of music you’ve been providing at an astounding rate. You do a great service to THE WORLD for all you have brought us, music that many (most) of us would never get to hear. Thank you so much.

  2. Bwana Moos, thanks once again for this great music, some of us will never get enough of Le grand Maitre’s music,though here I notice that the tracks are not properly labelled, the correct order should be. 1.Kamusengele, 2.Monzo, 3. Na loba loba pamba te, 4. Tolinganaki Toboyanaki. we pray that you continue to have the resources, health and time to keep giving us more of these ageless gems.

  3. Another big fan of the site & a special treat when a Franco comes up. Found this before but not at 320 so extra special treat. Can only agree with Kabunges comment that side 1 & 2 are the wrong way round. Quality control of vinyl in the old Zaire seemed to be at rock bottom when Franco was at his height. Odd seeing as I thought Mobuto put Franco in charge of pressing planrs

  4. Thank you for so much great music. I hesitate to ask because there is enough here already for a lifetime, but — do you have an album called ‘Eje Njogba’ by KSA? The # is SALPS-23. The vinly copies I have found are in very poor condition. Best wishes

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