Yo Soy Pachito Rada
Discos Fuentes 1982

Pachito Rada, front

Over the years I noticed to have develloped a certain weekness
for raw voices. My favourites are Juancho Polo Valencia, Angel
Vasquez, Andrés Landero, Heliodoro Martinez, Alberto Montiel,
Alejandro Duran, Manuel Caraballo and we can add Pachito Rada
to this list. In other genres there are way more to mention but
this list just covers Colombian artists. I am very sorry to say track
#6 has one small jump, I tried to remove it but did not succeed.
Shame about a good song but sh*t happens. The album remains
worth downloading to my opinion, see for yourself..


01 – El millonario roncon
02 – Falso juramento
03 – Con la misma rabia
04 – Antonio y emiliano
05 – No se que hacer
06 – Mis penas
07 – Sueño con ella
08 – Igualdad
09 – El plagio
10 – Te esperare


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Discos Fuentes 1982

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