Star Number One – Maam Bamba
Disques M.A.G. / Bellot Records

Star Number One, front

Long time since we had us some music from Senegal.
When going through my records, this one came out as
one I was going to post but still never did. Today is the
day it comes true, what a mellow sweet record, just the
thing for a peaceful easy weekend. Get it & spread it..


01 – Waalo
02 – Senegaal jambaar
03 – Ndaga seeri boy
04 – Maryaama
05 – Maam bamba
06 – Kaniaane


3 thoughts on “Star Number One – Maam Bamba
Disques M.A.G. / Bellot Records

  1. Hi Moos,

    I’ve been downloading from you for years now. I’ve made several attempts to download your recent posts, and the download doesn’t start. As I typed this the download window finally appeared, but it was at least five minutes from the time I entered the captcha. Guess I’ll have to be more patient, but is your server perhaps getting more traffic than it can handle?

    Warm regards,


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