Bezerra da Silva – O Melhor dos Partideiros
RCA Camden 1982

Bezerra, front

Good evening, Bezerra da Silva is back. He had some hot
samba albums here before and this one offers more of
that stuff. His samba belongs to the very best to my
opinion. This 1982 record contains some very funny
tracks. We finally find ‘Viúva de Seis’ for instance,
a song I used to play a lot and you may have found
it on a collector already. If you are into samba, do
not hesitate and get it straight away, enjoy..


01 – Brasa por cima de brasa
02 – Garoa
03 – Viúva de seis
04 – O vacilão
05 – Cabeça pra vovó
06 – Coreto
07 – Colina maldita
08 – Liberdade
09 – A necessidade
10 – Inferno colorido
11 – Vontade de sorrir
12 – Crocodilo


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