Verckys et l’Orchestre Vévé
Sonafric 1975, SAF 50008

Verckys, front

Hello groovers, today’s contribution concerns an album
by an artist we can’t get enough of. Until I found this lp
it was only in my digital collection. Downloaded from
some site, I don’t remember which one, it was missing
4 of the 10 songs. Very happy to have the complete
record now. It is a real gem, better don’t miss..


01 – Isabo
02 – Bea
03 – Nadefa nani
04 – Mama djele
05 – Bakomela pema
06 – Sakumuna 1er
07 – Sakumuna 2ème
08 – Nakoloba te tolingani
09 – Balobaka ye mbongo mingi
10 – Moise ou anne


9 thoughts on “Verckys et l’Orchestre Vévé
Sonafric 1975, SAF 50008

  1. Well, now, thank you for this! A shame business claimed Verckys over making music in the end, but he can hardly be blamed for wanting financial security.

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