Seven 7″ from Kenya volume 2
Various Artists

Seven 7 inches from Kenya, voorkant

Toch nog maar een Arikaanse post dan ? Dit zijn zeven
45 toeren plaatjes zoals reeds eerder verschenen op
deze pagina. Oost Afrika is nu weer even aan de beurt.
Benga is zulk aanstekelijk spul, ik kon er niet omheen.
Dus schop dat meubilair nog eens opzij en laat je gaan.

East Africa gets its turn today, benga is such contageous
music, there was no way around it. Seven 45’s in a row
as we did before at this page works perfect and make a
solid listen. So kick aside your funiture once again and
let yourself go..enjoy..

titels ;

01 – Suku Jazz Band – The kericho tragedy
02 – Suku Jazz Band – Willison mukuna
03 – Kapila Jazz Band – Aguko d.o.
04 – Kapila Jazz Band – Joshwa ochiel
05 – Orchestre Ndege Wa Anga – Mama rutty pt.1
06 – Orchestre Ndege Wa Anga – Mama rutty pt.2
07 – Metric Jazz National – Bodo nicky
08 – Metric Jazz national – Leo akendo
09 – Les Moto Moto – Azetu pt.1
10 – Les Moto Moto – Azetu pt.2
11 – Mwenga Jazz Band – Lucy
12 – Mwenge Jazz band – Inafaa umuoe
13 – Kaudha Twins Band – Ogode mc nyaruoth
14 – Kaudha Twins Band – Achien’g florence


10 thoughts on “Seven 7″ from Kenya volume 2
Various Artists

  1. I am not having any success downloading this one. I’ve made three attempts and waited for the ‘save’ window 20 minutes each time. I got the three posts above this one with no trouble at all. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    • Hi Moos. I thought you might like to know about this for the benefit of any other users who might have problems downloading from you. I use Google Chrome as my primary browser. On this link I consistently failed to connect to download the file.

      Today I pasted the link into MS Edge (the new IE) and the download began instantly. So there seems to be an issue with how Chrome connects with your server. I have now bookmarked your blog in Edge and will use it to visit your site. Cheers!

  2. Am reaaly longing for songs from Gem Lucky friends band. Please can onyaone assist. Am prepared to spare some US dollars for anyone who can help

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