O Melhor de Ed Lincoln
Musidisc 1971

Ed Lincoln, voorkant

De plaatjes van Ed Lincoln beginnen steeds meer een cult-status
te krijgen. Deejays around the planet gebruiken samples van de
nummers die toch veelal uit de jaren zestig dateren. De sound die
hij toen ontwikkelde klinkt ook vandaag nog als een klokkie..Zelf
mag ik het ook vaak op feestjes opzetten en het publiek gaat
er altijd weer goed op, luister en zeg zelf, coool spul..

The records of Ed Lincoln are more and more develloping a
cult-status. Deejays around the globe use samples of the tracks
that are mostly from the sixties. The sound he created in those days
is still hot today and always seem to score at parties.
Listen and agree, it’s cool stuff..

titels ;

01 – O ganso
02 – The blues walk
03 – Pergunte ao joão
04 – Canção para o homem no espaço
05 – Vou rir de você
06 – A rosa
07 – Centenário
08 – É o cid
09 – Eu não vou mais
10 – Miss balanço
11 – Carioca
12 – Na onda do berimbau


One thought on “O Melhor de Ed Lincoln
Musidisc 1971

  1. Hi Moos, although Wilson Simonal and Marcos Valle are my favourite Brazilian pop artists of the sixties,Ed Lincoln is definitely in my top 10. I am a also a huge fan of Brazilian Samba and Bossa. I have never visited Brasil but was in the nineties exposed to real Samba by a Mozambican guy. I knew Bossa from my childhood as my father had some compilation albums from the Philllips label. Your site is Samba heaven. Again you enlighten my life a bit thanks mate.

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