Ensemble Empat Serangkai – Tjerlélé
CNR 1966

Ensemble Empat Serangkai, voorkant

Ik werd gevraagd dit singletje te digitaliseren voor een vriend.
Waarom niet gelijk plaatsen dus, best gezellige Indonesische
liedjes. Niet eerder in deze stijl gepost, luister zelf..

I was asked by a friend to digitise this single.
Why not make a little post of it immediately,
first time we bring you Indonesian music.
Listen to it yourself and see what you think.

titels ;

01 – Tjerlélé
02 – Asal ale mau nanti


5 thoughts on “Ensemble Empat Serangkai – Tjerlélé
CNR 1966

  1. Whoever the four lasses were, the name Empat Serangkai refers back to a controversial group formed by the Japanese shortly after they invaded the then Dutch East Indies in 1942. Because Japanese government banned all political organizations, the Japanese formed PUTERA (Pusat Tenaga Rakyat) to spread its propaganda. Four (empat) were chosen to lead the organisation: Soekarno, Mohammad Hatta, Mansoer, and Soewardi Soerjaningrat. Although they accepted the positions because the Japanese agreed to allow Indonesia to become independent after the war some Indonesians still criticise them for being collaborators.

    But not the four singers: after all, this recording was probably released in the mid- to late fifties when Soekarno was president.

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