Verckys et l’Immortel VEVE
Editions VEVE

Verckys, voorkant

Op 19 december 2011 heb ik deze elpee geplaatst.
De hoes van de plaat komt zeer veel overeen met die van
vandaag maar het betreft hier een heel andere. Dat was EVVI 11
en dit is EVVI 63, ik weet niet uit welk jaar. Verckys brengt nummers
van zichzelf maar ook van Mantuika, Bonyeme en Kiambukuta.

On december 19, 2011 I posted this here album.
Its frontcover looks almost similar with today’s record but it is
a complete different one. That was EVVI 11 and this is EVVI 63
I don’t know from what year. Verckys brings us songs by himself
but also by Mantuika, Bonyeme and Kiambukuta, enjoy..

titels ;

01 – Est-ce que
02 – Monimambu
03 – Dada
04 – Monsieur raison


10 thoughts on “Verckys et l’Immortel VEVE
Editions VEVE

  1. Thanks Moos my Dad likes the song Monsieur Raison but do you know that’s Serge Kiambukuta song not Josky Kiambukuta.

      • No worries mate you see Serge Kiambukuta debuted in Grand Zaïko Wawa in 1980 to 1982 he composed songs like Ba Gagner Marche I don’t why he left Grand Zaïko Wawa then in 1982 he joined Kamikaze Loningisa with Youlou Mabiala he was featured in albums like M’Bata, Karibu, Championnat and his last was 1×2 = Mabè then he was a guest on the Selengina album with Josky and Ntesa then he joined Veve.

    • I do don’t have the knowledge about rumba like you Harris but I am surprised that this album is from 1987. I stayed 4 months in Congo that year and visited every record shop I could. Never saw this album with the ‘nouveautés’. I saw it however when I returned to Belgium in the musicanova shop in gallery d’Ixelles in Bruxelles on sale in a box with older Congolese Lp’s. If I had the money those days I would have bought the whole lot. Anyway maybe I am wrong.What is important is the music which is on it. By the way I have a lot of respect for the in depth knowledge you have when it comes to Rumba. Cheers my friends

      • It could be released in 87, 88 or 89. I think I know that album was recorded in 1987.

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