Alejandro Duran – Rey Negro del
Acordeón Vallenato
Tropical 1969

Alejandro Duran, voorkant

titels ;

01 – Compe chemo
02 – La primavera
03 – Vallenateando
04 – El mochilon
05 – Se fue con otro
06 – Mosaico alejo
( joselino, guepa je..)
07 – Amores en secreto
08 – Maria espejo
09 – La vieja sara
10 – Mosaico alejo
(ese negro si toca, los campales)
11 – Pena y dolor
12 – El chupaflor


4 thoughts on “Alejandro Duran – Rey Negro del
Acordeón Vallenato
Tropical 1969

  1. In the absence of any blurb from Senor Moos, I thought Alejandro Duran is quite good , isn’t he? How wrong could I be? This is a ripper.


  2. You know I keep coming back to this one, Moos, it kind of etched into my brain (remember Dillinger?!) the first time I heard it. And – I am not sure why. It is minimalist in a way but variations using a restricted palette makes it very compelling. An earworm. I will discuss earworms somewhere else.
    such good riddim

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