la Renaissance de
l’International Orchestre populaire
les Supers Boboto du Congo -SBB
Editions Nionka 1979


Nog twee maanden geduld en dan is er weer een platenbeurs
in de Jaarbeurs van Utrecht. Ik kijk er nu reeds naar uit mijn goede
vriend uit Frankrijk te treffen. Hij is de man die me deze zeldzame
elpees bezorgt. Na zijn reis naar Congo bracht hij vele mooie dingen
mee terug. Zo komt het DJ Daudi, dat ik platen als deze kan posten.
In december 2009 hadden we een andere van deze groep en vandaag
zijn les Supers Boboto du Congo terug met dit pracht exemplaar..

Another two months and we’ll have us the next recordfair in Utrecht.
I am already looking forward to it cuz that’s the place I use to meet with
my good friend from France who delivers us these rare breauties. He is
the reason DJ Daudi, that I am able to bring you albums like this. In 2009,
december we had us another of their records, les Supers Boboto du Congo
are back today with this fine slice of vinyl. Get it & spread it as usual..

tracks ;

01 – Ngai malole
02 – Dany keba
03 – Batey batota
04 – Nasanzi bolingo


7 thoughts on “la Renaissance de
l’International Orchestre populaire
les Supers Boboto du Congo -SBB
Editions Nionka 1979

  1. Thanks, Moos. Can’t say I’ve heard of the US having anything like you describe. At best, there are CDs on sale of new and old material in larger cities that have a large diaspora from some African nations, such as Chicago and New York City. I look forward to finding out what treasures you unearth. In the meantime–thank you for this.

  2. Without any doubt this must be because some European countries are the ones
    having colonised a bunch of African countries, Belgium-Congo for instance. France
    with Senegal and Algeria, Portugal-Moçambique and Angola etcetera..
    Mainly French record dealers always bring tons of African records over to the fair,
    they are on top of the way or the other, we’re just being lucky here..

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