Off-Line Occurrence

Due to administration errors our beloved Global Groove has
been off line for about three days, shame. Glad to be back
today. Sorry for the inconvenience and welcome home..

Ik wist niet dat het kon gebeuren maar helaas, wegens een
administratieve fout ergens in serverland zijn we zo’n drie
dagen off line geweest. Sorry daarvoor en welkom thuis..

13 thoughts on “Off-Line Occurrence

  1. GG is back and how. With full force of course. Three fantastic rumba gems and a Francesco Ullao album. This guy made me straight away a Merengue fan in the mid eighties after a concert in Ghent. I suppose that the whole Dominican community of all neighbouring countries was present keen to show us how this rhythm needed to be treated on the dance floor. Thanks Moos please don’t stop. Rik

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