Pépé Kallé & Empire Bakuba – Zabolo
Ngoyarto 1997


tracks ;

01 – Zabolo
02 – Souvenir mpoli
03 – Kay tshim
04 – Dianzenza
05 – Madi madima
06 – Amour propre
07 – Botika ngai
08 – Mpitisha bonne année


9 thoughts on “Pépé Kallé & Empire Bakuba – Zabolo
Ngoyarto 1997

  1. This is a really nice compilation of Pépé Kallé and Orchestre Empire Bakuba. Thank you. Play it loud and remind your neighbours what a super voice this guy has and that great pop songs don’t have to come from North America and Europe.

  2. Hello from paris
    i just finish to spend 1 day and a half downloadind like a vacuum cleaner a good part of your blog.
    I used to seek musical blogs from the star with an interruption of a few years because i realised once i was collecting to much specially considering that i live for music but for many kinds of genre.
    I am 62 and started very young (had my 1st captain beefheart at 13 then i had a record shop for 10 years and still spend 2 hours a day chasing ,writing and so on.
    I really discover african music 1 year ago and that was marvelous cos i was struggling against ilness and african music is perfect in that case.
    I just finished to have a look to all your posts and had sometimes a pleasant smile (we share some musical heroes,peter ivers,kevin coyne ,tim hardin,capt beefheart too.
    I love reggae too and was just surprised not to find count ossie.
    The purpose to this is ,even if i am ko for finding so many things at once is to thanks you from all my heart.I do know how many thousands of hours spent to share your huge collection with us.It is so generous that no words could be enough to express my deep aknowledgment.
    now i have to organize all those files.
    All the best

  3. I’ve just read that General Prince Adekunle died on the 3rd September age 72.
    Thanks for his music you have previously posted.

  4. Hello, by any chance, do you have the ROCKPALAST shows (audio and/or video) from KING SUNNY ADE and RUBEN BLADES? Both shows are not available as official releases (as far as I know). If you have them, please share them with us. Thanks in advance.

  5. Many thanks Moos. The singing, the animation, the Sebene is what is lacking with the current generation. Thank you once again for sharing the wealth!

  6. Thanks, Moos! As usual, great content. No requests, except that you keep these rarities coming. You’re one of the few sources for this excellent, largely neglected music…well, anywhere.

  7. Sousmarine , o nager, nager, Love the dance. If I am correct this dance preceded the world know kwasa kwasa dance which was developed by Jannot Ra.

  8. Thank you Moos! Been a while you hadn t posted anything from the Empire… as a great fan I m very happy to see this! Also do hope you one day come across:

    Pepe Kalle & Rochereau – Feu d’artifice

    This is of course in no way a request, and am always happy to discover gems on your site.
    Keep up the good work and thanks again, I wouldn’t exaggerate if I said your effort has given me access to music that has changed my life.

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