Dear visitors,
I have just removed all Syllart productions from my blog.
Reason is the following message;

” Hi global groovers,

We see all those albums from our catalogue available on your site to be free downloaded !!!
It’s a real problem and it’s an illegal piracy of a catalogue for which you haven’t any rights or licenses.
So we officially ask to you to remove the download link for all album from syllart catalogue.
Without quick answer from your part, we give that topic to our lawyer in Paris.
we looking forward to hear you.

Julien Dayan
Syllart records
Label Manager ”

It was fun as long as it lasted,
no worries though, there are plenty of other posts left.
We must respect the business point of view of labels and artists.
If anyone has a problem with content of the Global Groove,
please let us know..


16 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Yeah, but i still wonder how much of the sales will be forwarded to tha artists. Probably nothing at all. Most of the Syllart production was payed bij the Guinean taxpayers anyway. And most of the stuff they bring is traditional.
    Finally i think it is ludicrous to have copyright on music for 70 years. Thats way some political parties aim to reduce that to 5 to 7 years.

    But the music industry is known for its greed.

    Its best that you took your posts down, because lawyers are no fun people.

    ciao regazza

  2. I know how it feels. They did the same thing to my YouTube channel. I respect that as well. It was apleasure getting all those LPs from you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Bummer. Your site is a glorious tribute to a wonderful and obscure range of music. You have taught me much over the years and I’ve shared with as many friends as will listen. Thank you.

    I hope you keep up the good work and don’t let this unfortunate event get under your skin.

    You are doing more for this music that you know.

  4. I’d love to see documents proving ownership of the older material by the newer company, but who wants to get into that sort of judicial wrangling? In any case, as others have stressed, you do a world of good, and nothing should be allowed to jeopardize that.

  5. Hello friends, a pity but nothing serious, leaving aside if the copyright was acquired legally by the late Ibrahim Sylla or not, the interesting thing is that the music is still alive.
    As far as I can see, the young heiress is doing a great job to maintain and disseminate the Syllart Records catalog, she is putting all the albums on YouTube and offering the songs for legal listening or downloading, including Binetou, herself has a series of interviews to promote artists; in short, life goes on, and music lives.
    On the other hand, other labels such as Bolibana do not know in which hands they are.
    At least they have entered the blog and on request what is offered in it, I think that is how it should be done.

  6. Syllart reissues of Guinean & Malian music have an atrocious, muddy sound. I seriously doubt they have been approved by the artists. I would never buy them and I always feel disappointed when I download one. Removing that stuff from your blog has increased the blog’s quality considerably.

  7. Hello Moos, I have a slightly strange question, but I hope you`ll be able to answer me. Is there a chance to list the 10 longest tracks from your collection and the albums I can find them? Thanks so much in advance. Everlyne

  8. Dear visitors,
    Thank you very much for your endless support. wether the soundquality of Syllart Products was good or bad, I don’t really care. The most important thing is we had an opportunity to listen to the music. The Global Groove is all about listening and enjoying almost forgotten music and giving it a new chance. Please keep up spreading the word and the music and all together we keep alive these treasures worldwide…just stay tuned and for years to come we’ll save as much valuable music as we can…cheers folks..

  9. Thank you for what you are doing, Moos. You did more for the artists and the music that the labels had been doing – if Syllart wants to get the music out there with profits to them and musicians, great. But while they are doing nothing with their old catalog rights, in my book you are doing the right thing.

  10. I think your are doing a great job for bands not for copy right owners!We came to know accross these downloads to discover bands we wouldnt get closer…I always defend bloggers because they promote for free bands that are on the edge of the music industry….Many of these musicians if alive today are certainly shaving walls!!!They pretend defending musicians but that s far beyond reality. saddly!!!

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