Choc Stars – Oka Polisson Chauffe
Espera 1990



Op verzoek van Harris, vandaag deze Choc Stars uit 1990.
We hadden er al vijf uit de jaren tachtig. Klaarblijkelijk
was er een soort deal met Skol Bier, de marktleider in
Guinée en Congo-Kinshasa. De zangers Ben Nyamabo,
Carlito, Debaba en Zemano spoelden er de keel mee..

On request of Harris, today we have this Choc Stars from
1990. We had five already from the eighties. Appearantly
there was some kind of deal with Skol Beer, the market
leader in Guinée and Congo-Kinshasa. Singers Ben Nyamabo,
Carlito, Debaba and Zemano cleaned their throats with it..

tracks ;

01 – Belle de jadis
02 – Tonton skol
03 – Salama-bibi
04 – Suka eza na nyonso


27 thoughts on “Choc Stars – Oka Polisson Chauffe
Espera 1990

  1. My brother thank you very much for this album I really like Choc Stars I suppose you don’t have the primus version do you?

  2. Hey, Moos, I hope you alright do you have other records from Choc Stars I really love that band.

      • I hope that you can find their 12″ 45 called Bozenga ya Bateke. I have never been able to get that one. The other LP of theirs that do not have and have been seeking is called Bango Oyo Baye or Action Direct. I bought a copy, but when I took it home, there was different record inside that I already had.
        Thank you!

      • No problem thank you brother but I wanted to say that there is two version of Oka Polisson Chauffe sponsored by two beer companies do you have the version with the primus logo?

  3. There are actually two versions of this LP.
    One has a song in praise of Skol beer, the other has a song in praise of Primus beer. That song is called “Ya Bon Boire”. The other songs on the albums are the same, but the backs of the sleeves are also different with the Primus album having less of full page ad for the beer.

  4. I don’t have the Primus version and also the 12″ and Bango Oyo Baye that DJ Daudi speaks about are yet to be found. Who knows..

  5. Thank you Moos for this album. When adding it to my music library I got my self a big surprise. I got identical albums that only differs on A2 track (Ya Bon Boire (and) Tonton Skol). I don’t know why they made a song for both Skol and Bralima. I have the Bralima version as a really good rip. I can share it with you guys as an album or only the Bralima (Ya Bon Boire) track. Sadly I don’t have picture of the sleeves.
    Let me know.

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