Pink Floyd – Relics
EMI / Starline 1971


Normally I don’t post a lot of popmusic. September the 6th, Pink
Floyd’s drummer Nick mason is coming to Amsterdam with his
supergroup and they are going to play a number of songs featured
on this old collector. Since I’ve bought tickets, I couldn’t resist ripping
this album to be able playing it digitally. Of course you can join me
doing so, enjoy this piece of nostalgic popmusic with me.
Songs from 1967, 1968 and 1969..

Normaal gesproken plaats ik nauwelijk pop muziek hier. Deze uitzondering
moest echter gemaakt worden. Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason komt op
6 september a.s. naar Amsterdam en zal dan een aantal van de nummers
komen spelen die op ‘Relics’ staan. Ik kon de verleiding niet weerstaan deze
te digitaliseren om hem onderweg te kunnen beluisteren. Vanzelf laat ik jou
hier ook van meegenieten. Nummers uit 1967, 1968 en 1969..

tracks ;

01 – Arnold layne
02 – Interstellar overdrive
03 – See emily play
04 – remember a day
05 – Paintbox
06 – Julia dream
07 – Careful with that axe, Eugene
08 – Cirrus minor
09 – The nile song
10 – Biding my time
11 – Bike

Bonus tracks;

12 – One of these days
13 – Seamus


7 thoughts on “Pink Floyd – Relics
EMI / Starline 1971

  1. I`m very sorry to say this, even though its great music. But so far your blog was full of unavailable albums. This one is still available to buy everywhere. This makes your blog look “normal” now. Please go back to unavailable stuff again. Thanks in advance.

    • “normal”, I don’t see any “normal” blog here, although this album is “still” available, this blog is still unique and fantastic, my dear sir
      good night and enjoy

  2. ……how many good memories, I have not heard this record for at least 20 years and to feel it again I still feel the same emotions, and goosebumps, like the first time you listen to it …… thank you Moos

  3. this is not a pop music now, its “Progressive Rock”
    pop music is not a genre by it self i think , it just referre to the POPular culture/music at a spacific period of time , so highlife music was a pop music for its times and so on

      • you are an interesting person moos,
        so what other genres of music do you like beside african highlife etc ?
        do you like western classical music ? how is your favorite composer ? what about arabic “egyptian” music ?

        by the way i’m the same person how send you an email about FLAC format 🙂

        • I already thought you were Ahmed.
          Classical music is nice but I can’t find the time focussing on it so I really don’t know much about it.
          If you look at my page and check the categories you find lots of genres that interest me.
          Favourite composers I can’t choose, there is too much I like so no lists on my behalf.
          Some Arabic is interesting sometimes, not too much though..

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