Bana – Rotcha-Nú
A Voz de Cabo Verde 1969


Bana is back here today with an album on which coladera and
morna. The Cape Verdian atmosphere is always a delight liste-
ning to. Especially the morna’s are favourite here.
Mellow stuff from 1969..

Bana is terug bij ons met deze plaat waarop coladera en morna.
Het sfeertje van de Kaap verdische eilanden is altijd weer fijn,
vooral de morna’s zijn favoriet hier. Mellow spul uit 1969..

tracks ;

01 – Pomba
02 – Canja
03 – Brazil
04 – Salta parede
05 – Amizade
06 – Rotcha nu
07 – Amor de fantazia
08 – Tudinha
09 – Nhojom
10 – Dispidida


3 thoughts on “Bana – Rotcha-Nú
A Voz de Cabo Verde 1969

  1. Greetings, Moos! Thank you for gifting us with such beautiful music! Brazil is about to elect an assumed Nazi president and that has taken me to sleep. If it were not for the power of music I find here, life would be even more hopeless around here. Thank you very much!

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