Os Bambas – O Melhor em Samba, vol.10
Okeh 1973


Uit 1973, is hier volume 10 van de serie ‘O Melhor em Samba’
door Os Bambas onder de bezielende leiding van Zuzuca. We
hadden reeds de volumes 8 en 9 dus deze sluit mooi aan.
Wederom met zo’n toffe hoes en op het Okeh label.
Bevat covers van enkele grote Braziliaanse hits..

From 1973 this is volume 10 in the series “O Melhor em Samba’
by Os Bambas. The series was made led by the great Zuzuca.
We already had volumes 8 and 9 so this one connects nicely.
Once again with enjoyable front sleeve and on the Okeh label.
Contains covers of some huge Brazillian hits..

tracks ;

01 – Vamos sacudir
02 – Gira de oxalá
03 – To com deus, to com amor
04 – Boa noite
05 – Madeira do jequitibá
06 – Quanto mais longe, mais saudade me dá
07 – Eu bebo sim
08 – Recalques
09 – Eu quero um xodo
10 – Orgulho de um sambista
11 – Casa um da vila
12 – Tristeza pé no chão


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Okeh 1973

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