Les Etablissements Bitho Présentent
l’Orchestre Viva Mandolina



Quite obscure release by l’Orchestre Viva Mandolina presented
by Les Etablissements Bitho. No record company, label or year of
release. It is a volume 2. With Julien Cladia, Ya Lélé, Djunilt, Longas
Cheridan and Barreto. Also on solo guitar the great Aladji Baba who
used to play with Orchestre Vox Africa. Get it & Spread it..

Tamelijk obscure uitgava vandaag met l’Orchestre Viva Mandolina.
Gebracht door Les Etablissements Bitho. Geen platenmaatschappij,
label of jaar van uitgave bekend. Het betreft een volume 2. Met
With Julien Cladia, Ya Lélé, Djunilt, Longas Cheridan en Barreto.
Tevens op solo gitaar de grote Aladji Baba die voorheen speelde
bij orchestre Vox Africa. Haal binnen en deel met je vrienden.

tracks ;

01 – Zonguela ngai
02 – Moussolina
03 – Nina lhony
04 – Laurenty
05 – Deception
06 – Ekoti


9 thoughts on “Les Etablissements Bitho Présentent
l’Orchestre Viva Mandolina

  1. Hi Moos,
    I am wondering, why you don’t ever mak a difference between the two Congo states. I would like to know, what Contry of Congo your music comes from.

    • Hi Joachim,
      Well, it is simply because this is not always clear.
      If the record reveals this information I could do it but mostly it doesn’t.
      I’m sorry but you’ll have to do some homework yourself and dig the web for more info..

  2. This band is from Congo Brazzaville – I think some of them evolved into Veritable Mandolina, and vocalist Rapha Boundzeki was there for a while (I think) (search these names on youtube for more music)

  3. Hi moos I just wanted to ask do you have Bozi Boziana album that he recorded with Master Mwana Congo and Freddy De Majunga back in 1987?

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