Most Downloaded Albums at the Global Groove

I promised some visitors to post the most downloaded
records from the Global Groove at this current time.
Here is the top twenty, have fun exploring..

01 – Arsenio Rodriguez – primitivo
02 – Alton Ellis – Sunday Coming
03 – Verckys et l’Orchestre Vévé – Verckys à Paris
04 – Los Corraleros – Ritmo de Colombia
05 – Ases del Ritmo – Costa Brava vol.1
06 – Various Artists – Cumbias Solo Cumbias
07 – Freddie McGregor – Big Ship
08 – Jackie Mittoo – Macka Fat
09 – Les Quatres Etoiles – Quatres Vedettes
10 – John Chibadura – Kurera
11 – Baobab à Paris vol. 2
12 – Peregoyo – Mi Buenaventura
13 – Various Artists – Cumbias de Colombia
14 – King Floyd – Groove Me
15 – Lacksley Castell – Morning Glory
16 – Kanda Bongo Man – Afro Rythmes Présente
17 – The Latin Brothers – Te Rencontre
18 – les Leopards ( from april 20, 2015 )
19 – Various Artists – Mas Cumbias, Mas Gaitas
20 – Scientist – Heavyweight Dub Champion

26 thoughts on “Most Downloaded Albums at the Global Groove

      • As per request, here is my Top 20:

        01 Zitany Neil – Macory Gasoil
        02 V/A – Nigeria Highlife
        03 Ebenezer Obey – Adam and Eve
        04 King Sunny Ade – Bobby
        05 Syran – Signe Eddy Son
        06 Les Kamale – Les Kamale
        07 Franco – Tres Impoli
        08 Bavon Marie Marie – L`Intrepide
        09 Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe – Makojo
        10 Okukuseku Band – Bosoe Special
        11 Sister Nancy – One Two
        12 Zaiko Langa-Langa – Kay-Kay
        13 Admiral Dele Abiodun – Elemu Nget On
        14 Salif Keita – Soro
        15 Yamoah`s Band – Asem Sebe
        16 Daniel Kamau – Kenyafrica! Vol. 1
        17 Great Abaraka – Great Abaraka
        18 Linval Thompson – Linvall
        19 Tappa Zukie – Living in the Ghetto
        20 City Boys Band – Odo da Baabi

  1. Monguito and Arsenio make number 1. Great. I’m surprised that there’s so much cumbia, a rhythm that I’ve never really gotten into, other of Joe Arroyo’s fusions.


      • I have a ton of Colombian albums, but i prefer champeta (older) and currulao and marimba music from the pacific coast. Cumbia, like Dominican merengue, I can only take in moderation.


  2. This is an interesting and helpful list, Moos. Thank you!

    I’ve downloaded a few of these over the years, but I’ll have to look into the others. I just listened to Groove Me by King Floyd on YouTube and loved it, so I just downloaded that album. Thanks again!

  3. Thx!
    I’m suprised that none of your own compilations is on the list, either a Colompilation or a Global Sampler.

    Greetings from Cologne

      • The list and your site in general help me a lot to dig deeper into music i’m not so familiar with.
        I listen to a lot latin stuff but i would like to learn more about african music. Because there is such an amount of afro groove on your site i started with the compilations.
        How do you think about posting a special themed compilation like “Party Grooves” with tunes that are recommended for dancing? I know that most of the tracks on this side are groovy, but maybe you have some recommendations for party starters, especially regarding afro groove.

        Thanks in Advance and excuse my bad in english. I always admire dutch people for their good english, in germany we can’t compete with that.

        Greetings from Cologne,


  4. Wow, not half as much Congolese music as I’d thought. Thought any Franco download offered was compulsory?. Says more about my downloading habits I suppose.
    Such a wide range on offer. Glad to see Arsenio Rodriguez is far from forgotten and pleasantly surprised to.

  5. Thank you very much Moos, for some reason I did not see the post before, the vol.2 of Baobab 78 is now with me.
    Guajira el son te llama, a gozar, a bailar…

  6. Wow. This was a big surprise. I would think Congolese music would be more popular than it seems. I hope you continue to post great tunes from Congo/Zaire. Just love what you do Moos.

  7. Very happy with John Chibadura making the list. Even after his unfortunate death , Mr. Chitungwiza stays a musical heavyweight in Zimbabwe and it seems now way beyond. Pamberi ne Zimbabwe Rik

  8. An interesting list. Some classic Reggae on there, but surprised there’s no Juju? Maybe because there’s so much, and it’s ALL good! Thanks Moos!
    Speaking of Juju, you must check out Ahuja Bello. He had a short career, but his few albums are top notch. Also Queen Oladunni Decency And Her Unity Orchestra. I have her “Vol. 7” release, but have no idea if there’s vol 1 through 6 out there. Classic juju from ’77.
    Great blog! Thanks!

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