Carpe Diem
Le Grand Philo Kola – Bonne Année
Appolo Music AMLP 003


It was december 23rd when, walking in Amsterdam, the grim
reaper tried to snatch me away. I got lucky and was saved by an
English lady. He did not succeed. It wasn’t my time yet and after
spending three weeks in the hospital I finally got home this past
weekend. So a belated Happy New Year from my part. Very happy
indeed, it changed my view at life completely. Le Grand Philo Kola
returns here with me today with this fine record. So, Bonne Année
from the both of us. My message to you..Seize the day..

Op 23 december j.l. heeft Magere Hein geprobeerd me uit jullie
midden weg te rukken. Ik had echter veel mazzel en m’n leven werd
gered door een Engelse dame in een drukke straat in Amsterdam. Het
was mijn tijd nog niet en na drie weken in het ziekenhuis te hebben
doorgebracht kwam ik afgelopen weekend weer thuis. Een enigszins
verlaat Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar dus van mijn kant, zeer gelukkig mag ik
wel zeggen, het heeft m’n kijk op het leven volledig veranderd. Le
Grand Philo Kola keert vandaag samen met mij terug hier, dus
Bonne Année van ons beiden. Mijn boodschap; Pluk de dag..

tracks ;

01 – Bonne année
02 – Ngoy madiba
03 – Yoro reflechit
04 – Koumbe


45 thoughts on “Carpe Diem
Le Grand Philo Kola – Bonne Année
Appolo Music AMLP 003

  1. thank God. Bonnee Annee al the way. Everyday is a holiday.
    Was missing your posting and worried aswell.You deserve a life-time award for your preserving and presenting all those globalgroovers to the world.
    Moos keep doing your great work. Thanks over and over again.

  2. Moos!!!! ben je oke? Pluk de dag man, je hebt gelijk… –> ik wens je een hele mooie dag toe (en morgen ook en overmorgen ook).. take care joh, blij dat je er nog bent.. ut zit in een klein hoekje, niet waar?!

  3. Welkom terug in ons midden. Iedereen gaat ooit, maar ik stel het liever ook nog een tijdje uit. Groeten uit Brabant

  4. Ouch, that’s a scary story! I am very glad you are well again. Yeah, Carpe Diem is something that we all need to remember much more often. “Stop and smell the flowers” is also a true trope… or, with your help, stop and listen to the music 😉
    Thank you for all your work and the gems that you continue to make available to a new audience! Stay well!

  5. Glad to hear your back on your feet and I hope 2019 brings lots of happiness. We missed your posts and the wonderful music you share.

  6. Wishing you a full recovery Moos, you take care. Happy New Year and thanks as always for all you efforts, very much appreciated

  7. I was also wondering what was going on with you. You are not known to be silent. Indeed a miracle. So your angel was a British lady, jolly lad :-).
    Yes I know how a serious accident can change the view of life. Life is good and enjoy the music. Bonne Annee.

  8. Glad to hear you’re doing ok. I was really worried about your absence. Hope you will live longer and healthier. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hey Moos, missed you. So glad to hear you showed the reaper where to go. He’s a bastard when he gets impatient. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the rest of 2019. mamboPete

  10. Moos, I’m very sorry to hear that you’ve had a medical scare. I was wondering about the lack of posts and was hoping that you were ok. Here’s to a speedy (continued) recovery. And though I’ve said it before, thank you for all of your efforts to share music and educate us about the wonderful amount of music out there. Feel better!

  11. Adding my gratitude about your recovery along with your many other friends. Stay well and spreading musical joy in a world that needs it so much.

  12. Doing a little happy dance for you! Must be all that fine Juju you have spread around the world!
    Happy new year! and happy new life! Let’s make it a great one!

  13. Moos, I’m so glad you beat the Reaper! Like many other visitors to GG I’ve been concerned. I hope you are fully recovered and feeling well. We missed you!
    Take care, friend! Best wishes for the new year from Colorado!

  14. Oh dear! I thank the stars you are ok. And, of course, that you haven’t lost your desire to share such obscure and interesting music with us all.. May you groove on for many moons to come.

  15. Hee Moos,

    Knap snel op en denk na deze gebeurtenis nog eens na over wat echt belangrijk is. Ik hoop dat deze blog in dat rijtje thuis hoort.

    Dank voor al het moois dat je ons biedt.
    Ik wens je gezondheid in het nieuwe jaar.

  16. Moos,

    Glad that you’re ok, I thought that you were taking a much needed break. All the best and thanks.


  17. He Moos, niet doen joh, blijf alsjeblieft nog een poosje onder ons. Hoop dat je snel herstelt en dubbel van het leven geniet

  18. Ops it seems I’m late, it does not matter!
    Hopefully, you will enjoy a wonderful year and the following ones…

    Sometimes life makes a joke to teach us things.

  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery and the best health in 2019!

    I love what you do here and am a better person for it, thanks again!!!

  20. I’m just reading this now, having been through some serious upheavals in my own life. Glad you’re better, Moos…! And I hope that everything is working in your favor to continue recovery.

  21. The world would be an empty place without you Mr Moo! Glad to hear you have returned to good health, and many many thanks for all your consistently mind-blowing musical shares all across the internet 🙂

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