Seven 7″ de Angola, vol. 1 – Various Artists








Het afgelopen jaar een mooie trip gemaakt naar Lissabon
om Angolese plaatjes te vinden. Vandaag de eerste zeven
7″ singles daar opgedaan. Moeilijk te vinden in Nederland,
iets beter in Portugal maar ook daar moet je wat geluk
hebben. Sla dit zeker niet over ..

Last year I made this little trip to Lisbon to find me some
Angolan records. Today the first seven 7″ singles I found
there. Hard to find in the Netherlands, a little easier in
Portugal but also there one has to be lucky.
Don’t let this go by on you ..

O ano pasado fiz uma viagem em Lisboa para achar discos
de Angola. Hoje os primero sete 7″ singles que comprei aí.
Bem dificel de achar aqui na Holanda, um pouco melhor
em Portugal mas la também tem que ter bastante sorte.
Não deixa passar o oportunidade ..

tracks ;

01 – Paulo Jorge – Cunhado
02 – Paulo Jorge – N’golo o sota o sabi
03 – Teta Lando – Se n’vilukidi kimbembe
04 – Teta Lando – madia dia n’zebele
05 – David Zé – 1o de agosto
06 – David Zé – Quem matou cabral
07 – N’goma Jazz – Yabanza riquieta
08 – N’goma Jazz – Kubata diamuangana
09 – Rui Morais – Rumba n’gongo
10 – Rui Morais – N’gui messene uamufuno
11 – Xico Montenegro & Jovens do Prenda – Lamento de um filho
12 – Xico Montenegro & Jovens do Prenda – Kindala n’gatundo mu ngongo
13 – Minguito & Os Kiezos – Merengue 16
14 – Minguito & Os Kiezos – Cisma da minha vida

Paolo Jorge (Merengue MPA-4031 CD 1975)
Teta Lando (Merengue MPA-4004-B 1975)
David Zé (Movimento MR-3002 1976)
N’goma Jazz (Merengue MPA-4014 CD 1975)
Rui Morais (Merengue MPA-4021
Xico Montenegro (Kuaba / Iefe SKMA-7806)
Minguito (Rebita R-1016)


13 thoughts on “Seven 7″ de Angola, vol. 1 – Various Artists

  1. Hi Moos thanks for this post. Everybody who likes African music knows how difficult it is to find Angolan music. I am very happy you took pictures of the covers. Awesome .! Rik

  2. Teta Lando – Se n’vilukidi kimbembe

    One of the best songs I heard in a long long time.. thank you wonderful man behind a wonderful website!!!

  3. Hee die Moos,
    Hableer je nu ook a;l portuguese? Muy bom, en hartstikke dank voor deez’ pareltjes (ik moet ze nog beluisteren, maar ga dr blind vanuit…
    Oant sjen, Aloha en Sayonara

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  6. What a great bunch of records! The Xico & Rui Morais B-sides are my favourites. David Zé’s merengues on vol.2 are less interesting than the single here – 1 de Agosto is presumably NOT about the football club 🙂 Great accordion work from Minguito too. Thanks Moos!

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