Disco Stock présente
Lita Bembo et le Stukas du Zaïre
Don Dass vol. 3, Disco Stock 1985

After a couple of busy days today we’re back online with
this killer record. Lita bembo and Stukas had such a style
of their own, it is incomparable with any other. You can
recognize it in an anstant. Always happy party music.
On Disco Stock and from 1985, get it & spread it ..

Na enkele drukke dagen zijn we vandaag terug online met
deze waanzinnig mooie plaat. Lita Bembo en zijn Stukas
hadden zo’n unieke stijl, onvergelijkbaar met welke dan
ook. Je herkent ze uit duizenden in een ogenblik. Altijd
zeer blije uptempo feest sound. Uit 1985 en op Disco
Stock, down, deel en beleef ..

tracks ;

01 – Kibata
02 – Moseka
03 – Mama na cadet
04 – Bizaleli


10 thoughts on “Disco Stock présente
Lita Bembo et le Stukas du Zaïre
Don Dass vol. 3, Disco Stock 1985

  1. Thanks Moos, but I`m not sure if this is just me … when I click on your website, this post doesn`t appear. Tristes Humanisters has linked your website and this post. And this post – at least for me – only appears when I click on the album link, not the website link. Any clarification would be helpful. Thanks in advance. Pete

    • I don’t understand Pete, as far as I can see, everything works normal and opens normal.
      The album has been downloaded more than average, no complaints here ..

  2. Download link isn’t working for me (captcha page just redirects to another captcha indefinitely)

    Other than that – thanks so much! Lita Bembo with Stukas is one of the Congolest greats for me! Love to see more of him. A really crucial part of the innovative generation in the 70s.

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