Congo Theme Week, day 7
Choc Stars – Carnaval Choc Stars
Editions Eprodis 1988

Hello groovers, seven days are way too little to give a decent
picture of the history of Congolese music. A group that many
people have asked for over the years is Choc Stars. We had a
couple of their records so far. This is a Zaïrian release I have
found not so long ago. Vocals by Ben Nyamabo, Lassa Carlito,
Debaba, Defao, Djuna Djana, Nyayadio, Zemano Kamza and
Petit Prince. This one is for Harris, Soukousman, Mikaya,
Dennis, Webs, Tim, Glinka, Blaise, Rick and all who love
the works of Choc Stars ..

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tracks ;

01 – Riana
—–Buma elengi
—–Jardin de mon coeur
—–Babengi ngai depasser
02 – Sikondo
—–Mauvais souvenir


12 thoughts on “Congo Theme Week, day 7
Choc Stars – Carnaval Choc Stars
Editions Eprodis 1988

  1. Thanks for this! Always enjoy Choc Stars. I think always worth giving credit also to Roxy Tshimpaka who was one of the real greats of Congolese Guitar. And Djo Mali on bass.

    I know requests are awful, but if you have any early Choc Stars with Bozi Boziana, that’s a period that is an absolute favourite

  2. Just caught up on the last week – thanks so much for these new (to me) Congolese albums – so much joy!

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  4. bonsoir, pouvez-vous poster cet album rare de DEBABA ,DEFAO, SEDJO KHA de CHOC STARS , avec les titres tels que DATY , MUANA MOKONGO , IBRASON, MOKOLO MOSUSU (2ème version) ? svp ! Merci par avance

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