Global Sampler Vol. 64
Various Artists

tracks ;

01 – Orchestre le Peuple – Babokilo
02 – Jean Charles Combo – Préparation
03 – Eliseo Herrera y su Conjunto – La tachuela
04 – Gérard Nerplat – La soufrié
05 – Hepburn – Plastic surgery
06 – Zaïko Langa-Langa – Mobembo
07 – Les Loups Noirs – Fantaisie nocturne
08 – Gisa Nogueira – Na regra trés
09 – Le Grand Kallé & Affrican-Jazz – Cherie coco
10 – Musiquito y su Orquesta – El tulipan
11 – Le Choc-Choc 85 – Présence
12 – Candeia – Dia de graça
13 – Donga & Various Artists – Pelo telefone
14 – Armando Zabaleta y su Conjunto – El chupaflor
15 – Les Léopards de St. Pierre – Petite fille


2 thoughts on “Global Sampler Vol. 64
Various Artists

  1. This is not just interesting as a piracy issue. It’s also about consumerism. People who are interested in this kind of music will inevitably run into your blog and find all this music for free. The people who find your comps at Amazon are probably not looking for this kind of music at all – they are just looking for stuff to buy, whatever it is. Somwehere between a vacuum cleaner and some wireless headphones they find these comps, they go “hey, that’s interesting and it’s not very expensive” and their fingers start clicking away.

    In some wird way… the idiots who fall for this deserve it. They have nothing to do with us. They are buyers, not listeners or music-lovers. The rush we feel with a good groove or an interesting instrumentation or a beautiful melody, they feel it by spending money. It’s just two parallel worlds.

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