Nine Angolan Singles – Various Artists

We hadden al eerder een compilatie van Angolese Singles, dit
is de tweede in rij. Zeldzaam in Portugal opgedoken 45 toeren
spul welke je zeker niet zult willen missen. Ik heb de hoesjes
en de labels in de file gestopt. Luister er weer fijn naar ..

We had us a compilation of Angolan 45’son an earlier occasion
and this is second in row. Quite rare singles which I found in Por-
tugal last year, you wouldn’t want to miss. I have put the sleeves
and labels in the file as well. Enjoy them once again ..


01 – João Pequeno e Conjunto Merengue – Congo jami
02 – João Pequeno e Conjunto Merengue – Messene
03 – Os Kiezos – Milhórró
04 – Os Kiezos – Ché-ché-mãe
05 – Paulo Neto e Conjunto Merengue – Mana belesela
06 – Paulo Neto e Conjunto Merengue – Ngolo kua mungongo
07 – Carlos Lamartine – Ene
08 – Carlos Lamartine – Ó dipanda wondo tula kiá
09 – Maiuka e Conjunto Merengue – Batuque é feitiço
10 – Maiuka e Conjunto Merengue – Viva cabral
11 – Avozinho e Conjunto Merengue – Mamã Mamã divua diame
12 – Avozinho e Conjunto Merengue – Sakeça mukongo
13 – Minguito – Perdição minguito
14 – Minguito – As pequenas encostam
15 – Tanga – Eme ngongo iami
16 – Tanga – Irmão de 11 anos
17 – David Zé e Águias Reais – Fuma
18 – Davis Zé e Águias Reais – Rumba zatukine


9 thoughts on “Nine Angolan Singles – Various Artists

  1. Thank you very much Moos for that very fine update on Angola’s music!!
    You keep us eagerly edutained…

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  3. Thanks for these great Angolan singles, lots of variety. I specially liked Minguito (of course) and Maiuka – that tribute to Cabral manages to be enjoyable as well as memorialising him. And the B-side of Avozinho was great fun! How many different singers did Conjunto Merengue back, 4 different ones just in these 9 singles?!

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