Les Champions du Zaïre
Hommage a Franco O.K. Jazz
Espera 1990

One year after the sad passing of ‘le Grand Maître’ Franco Luambo
Makiadi, a group of friends and associates came with this tribute. The
list of Franco records at the GG is long. Dig in and discover a treasure.
Much can be said about the life and works of this great Congolese
music master. Here are some articles on the subject ..

Een jaar na de tragische dood van ‘le Grand Maître’ Franco Luambo
Makiadi, bracht een groep vrienden en collega muzikanten deze ode
aan de meester. De lijst Franco platen hier op de GG is lang. Duik er
in en ontdek een schat aan prachtige muziek. Er is veel gezegd en
geschreven over deze legendarische artiest. Hier een aantal artikelen ..


tracks ;

01 – Mayalalele
02 – Bon retour
03 – Okabi ngai yo moko
04 – Amour consigne
05 – Bina momi la zouk
06 – C’est trop tard mon amour


6 thoughts on “Les Champions du Zaïre
Hommage a Franco O.K. Jazz
Espera 1990

  1. This album was released in the beginnings of 1990.
    It was released on the famous Espera Records, which owned the famous Madeline Studio near Gare Central, Bruxelles.
    Les Chapimons du Zaire performed at Open Tropen 1990, headlining. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dru9PqwblgE with Ntesa Dalienst present.
    notice what is stated with this video-clip: Les Champions Du Zaïre En Belgique (1989) this was actually 1990.. The same year Simba Wanyika played Open Tropen.
    Unfortunately to many members of this orchestre of TPOK Jazz musicans anre no longer more among us: – Dialungana Kassis Gerry; Lomingo Alida (Stukas); Kasongo wa Kasongo (Bana OK cd Bakitani Sterns); Kiwakan Kiala Aimé; Mantuika Kobi Thiery; Maidlu System.
    The album states on the cover Album N: 1.
    Unfortunately due to upheavels in Zaire, the Espera label (ownerJean Martin, a famous belgian producer/manager) with then Zairean orchestres/artists like Choc Stars, Thsala Muana; Zaiko F.D; Madilu System, among others had to fight with lots of problems, so the follow up to Les Champions du Zaire N:1, the Brussel based TPOK Jazz musicians were lost in oblivion. And a much fooked forward N: 2 and so , didn’t get recorded.
    At the time 1991 Nana et Baniel released on Espera Bouger le coq chante
    at the same time a 12 inch was released by Dieudos Makwanzi “L’immortel Luambo Makiadi Franco” chante par Nana et Baniel (Espera).
    U can hear this song from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nN2_cGnjkXU
    time 6’58 – 14.14 minutes.
    In 1990 the first Hommage a Franco concert was organised by Espera, Musica Tropical in Canal Street, Bruxelles where the crëme de la crême of La Musique Zairoise was present. Thanks to Espera and José Kapesa’s Maison Musique Tropical.
    Josbelcongo, Jolie Zaire; Bellecongo productions.

    • I guess I got confused with the cd release which is from 1996.
      Thank you very much for pointing me to the mistake, I have now
      changed it to 1990 as you mention. great info btw, thanks a lot Jos ..

  2. Okay, I’m unable to download any albums from the site at present. Maybe my pc is like me – exhausted from laughing at Boris all day.

    I’ll try again in a few days.

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