Ronnie Lane – Anymore for Anymore
GM Records 1974

tracks ;

01 – Careless love
02 – Don’t you cry for me
—– Bye and bye ( gonna see the king)
03 – Silk stockings
—– The poacher
04 – Roll on babe
05 – Tell everyone
06 – Amelia earhart’s last flight
07 – Anymore for anymore
—– Only a bird in a guilded cage
—– Chicken wired


2 thoughts on “Ronnie Lane – Anymore for Anymore
GM Records 1974

  1. I stumbled across this in the bargain bins when I started working in London in 1975/6-ish. I bought it because How Come had been a big hit (for me, anyway). Truely a 5 star masterpiece and remains one of my favourite albums ever. Beautiful and timeless.

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