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Categorie archives: UK

  • Sunday December 24, 2023

    Daevid Allen was the co-founder of psychedelic rock
    groups Soft Machine (1966) and Gong (1967). Australian
    born David, moved to England in 1961. He met with Robert
    Wyatt, Kevin Ayers and Mike Ratledge and the formed the
    band Soft Machine. After a European tour in ’67 he was
    refused to re-entry the UK because he had overstayed
    his tourist visum earlier. Back in Paris he began Gong.
    read more in his Wiki-page. Track #6 is an ever continuing
    loop in the final groove of side one, cut off at 1,56 min.
    Wishing you a psychedelic Christmas !

    Daevid Allen was mede oprichter van psychedelische rock
    groepen Soft Machine (1966) en Gong (1967). Australisch
    van geboorte vertrok hij naar Engeland in 1961 waar hij
    Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers en Mike Ratledge ontmoette.
    Samen begonnen zij de band Soft Machine. Na een Europese
    tour in ’67 werd hij geweigerd de UK terug in te reizen omdat
    hij de termijn van zijn toeristen visum had overschreden.
    Terug in Parijs begon hij toen de band Gong.
    lees verder op zijn Wiki-pagina. Track #6 is een eeuwig durende
    loop in de laatste groef van kant één, geknipt op 1,56 min.
    de GG wenst je een psychedelische Kerst !


    01 – It’s the time of your life
    02 – Memories
    03 – All I want is out of here
    04 – Fred the fish and the chip on his shoulder
    05 -White neck blooze
    06 – Codeine coda
    06 – Stoned innocent frankenstein
    —- ..and his adventures in the land of flip
    —- I’m a bowl


    Posted by Moos
    at 11:04 AM
  • Monday April 3, 2023


    Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & Dub Syndicate the Boom X De Devil Dead 1987

    01 – No bed of roses
    02 – Private I
    03 – Jamaican proverb
    04 – Fire burning
    05 – Hard & tuff
    06 – Uplifting
    07 – Nothing comes easy
    08 – Adam & eve
    09 – Kingston 14
    10 – Kingston 14 version
    11 – Fire burning version
    12 – Adam & eve mix


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:30 AM
  • Monday May 16, 2022

    The Bonzo Dog Band (also known as The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, The Bonzo Dog Dada Band and, colloquially, as “The Bonzos”) are a band created by a group of British art-school denizens of the 1960s. Combining elements of music hall, trad jazz, psychedelic rock, and avant-garde art, the Bonzos came to the attention of a broader British public through a children’s television programme, “Do Not Adjust Your Set”. After three reunions read more ..

    01 – Leslie Sarony & Jack Hylton – Jollity farm
    02 – BBC Dance Orchestra – Micky’s son and daughter
    03 – The Savoy Havana Band – I’m gonna bring a watermelon to my girl tonight
    04 – Jack Hylton and his Orchestra – Button up your overcoat
    05 – Percival Mackey and his Band – On her doorstep last night
    06 – The Rythmic Troubadours – Ali baba’s camel
    07 – Jack Hylton and his Orchestra – By a waterfall
    08 – Hal Swain and his Band – Hunting tigers out in india
    09 – Albert Whelan – My brother makes the noises for the talkies
    10 – Jack Hylton’s Jazz Band – Laughing waltz
    11 – Whispering Jack Smith – All by yourself in the moonlight
    12 – Noel Coward – A room with a view
    13 – Bebe Daniels & Ben Lyon – Little sir echo
    14 – Jack Payne and his Dance Orchestra – Make yourself a happiness pie
    15 – Jay Wilbur and his Band – We’ll all go riding on a rainbow
    16 – Billy Cotton and his Band – Skirts
    17 – The Continental Five – The sheik of araby
    18 – Jack Hylton and his Orchestra – Bell bottom trousers
    19 – Jelly Roll Morton’s Red Hot Peppers – Dr. jazz stomp
    20 – Ray Starita and his Ambassadors – The flys crawled up the window
    21 – Jay Whidden and his Band – I lift up my finger and I say ‘tweet tweet’
    22 – The Savoy Havana Band – Masculine women and feminine men
    23 – Leslie Sarony – Misery farm
    24 – Roy Leslie – Omar khayam’s cave
    25 – Jack Hodges the Raspberry King – Everything is fresh today
    26 – The Savoy Havana Band – Last night on the back porch
    27 – Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians – I love to bumpity bump (on a bumpy road with you)


    Posted by Moos
    at 11:08 AM
  • Monday November 8, 2021

    Good morning, something out of the ordinary today. It
    is because I need a certain fragment of this album for a
    project that I had to digitize it this morning. When I was
    about 15/16 years old I listened to a whole lot of jazz-rock,
    stuff like Stanley Clarke, Jeff Beck, Billy Cobham and the
    Mahavishnu Orchestra. This how I got to listen to John
    McLaughlin’s work among which this record. The free-jazz
    here is no music you will find at the GG in general.
    An exception ..

    Goeiemorgen, eens iets totaal anders vandaag. Ik heb een
    passage van deze plaat nodig voor een project, zodoende
    moest ik hem vanmorgen digitaliseren. Toen ik zo’n 15/16
    jaar oud was luisterde ik veel naar jazz-rock. Muziek van
    Stanley Clarke, Jeff Beck, Billy Cobham en ook the Maha-
    vishnu Orchestra. Zodoende kwam ook deze eerste van John
    McLaughlin op mijn pad. De free-jazz hier is geen muziek
    die je op de GG vaker aan gaat treffen hoor.
    Een uitzondering ..


    01 – Extrapolation
    —- It’s funny
    02 – Argen’s bag
    —- Pete the poet
    —- This is for us to share
    03 – Spectrum
    —- Binky’s beam
    —- Really you know
    04 – Two for two
    05 – Peace piece


    Posted by Moos
    at 12:26 PM
  • Friday February 12, 2021

    De menselijke geest is een vreemd iets. Hoe vaak het me
    niet gebeurt dat er ‘s nachts muziekjes en bijbehorende
    muzikanten door m’n hoofd spoken. Soms komt dat door-
    dat je, de avond of dag ervoor, iets gehoord hebt. Soms ook
    zijn het dingen zoals deze. De plaat die ik vandaag post is
    er een die ik in geen jaren beluisterd had. En toch komt ie
    dan op een of andere manier in het brein naar voren. Jim
    Capaldi was een van de leden van Traffic. In mijn ochtend
    dromen kwamen hij en Steve Winwood vooral tevoorschijn.
    Steve is op deze plaat ook van de partij. Samen schreven zij
    de meeste nummers voor Traffic. Lees meer over de heren
    in hun Wikipedia pagina’s ..
    P.S. Nergens wordt een woord gerept over
    het piepkleine nummer 8, We’ll meet again ..

    The human mind is a strange thing. How often it happens
    to me that I dream of certain music and the musicians con-
    cerned. Sometimes it is because you have heard something
    the night or day before. But it also occurs it concerns a record
    like the one we have here. A record that I had not listened to
    for ages. Still it pops up in your mind somehow. Jim Capaldi
    was one of the original members of the band Traffic. In my
    morning dreams he and Steve Winwood were mainly there.
    Steve is also present on this album. Together they wrote
    the majority of Traffic’s songs. Read more about the
    gentlemen on their Wiki pages ..
    P.S. Nowhere mentioned is the
    tiny track #8, We’ll meet again ..

    Wiki on Jim Capaldi
    Wiki on Steve Winwood
    Wiki on Traffic

    01 – It’s all right
    02 – Whale meat again
    03 – Yellow’sun
    04 – I’ve got so much lovin’
    05 – Low rider
    06 – My brother
    07 – Summer is fading
    08 – We’ll meet again


    Posted by Moos
    at 9:37 AM
  • Friday October 23, 2020

    From the same year as yesterday’s album, same label and
    also with Sly, Robbie, Barry Reynolds, Wally Badarou, Mikey
    Chung and Sticky Thompson we’ve got this stunning record
    by Joe Cocker. Also starring are Adrian Belew, Jimmy Cliff
    and Robert Palmer. What a great line-up and ditto album.
    Sly & Robbie guarantee an incredible fatback sound again ..

    Uit het zelfde jaar als gisteren’s album, zelfde label en ook
    met Sly, Robbie, Barry Reynolds, Wally Badarou, Mikey Chung
    en Sticky Thompson hebben we deze pracht plaat met Joe
    Cocker. Ook van de partij zijn Adrian Belew, Jimmy Cliff en
    Robert Palmer. Wat een Line-up en ditto elpee. Sly & Robbie
    staan wederom garant voor een ongelooflijk dikke sound ..

    01 – Look what you’ve done
    02 – Shocked
    —- Sweet little woman
    03 – Seven days
    04 – Marie
    05 – Ruby lee
    06 – Many rivers to cross
    07 – So good so right
    08 – Talking back to the night
    09 – Just like always


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:31 AM
  • Thursday October 22, 2020

    Vandaag maar eens een heel andere kant op. In de lange
    lijst Sly & Robbie projecten is dit een plaat die hoog staat
    op mijn lijstje. In 1982 kwam hij uit en scoorde direct als
    geen ander. Barry Reynolds werkte jaren met Marianne
    Faithfull met wie hij op deze plaat ook enkele nummers
    schreef. 10 strakke tracks die naast Sly & Robbie werden
    opgenomen met een aantal artiesten die vooral bekend
    staan om hun werk in de reggae. We zien Wally Badarou,
    Mikey Chung en Sticky Thompson. Prachtige backing vocals
    door Marcia Griffiths en Judy Mowatt. Een
    snoepje van de bovenste plank ..

    And now for something completely different. In the long list
    of Sly & Robbie projects, this is a record that stands in high
    position. It appeared in 1982 and immediately scored big time.
    Barry Reynolds worked with Marianne Faithful for years. She
    co-wrote a number of songs on this album. 10 tight tracks
    that, next to Sly & Robbie, were recorded with artists we
    mainly know from reggae music. We find Wally Badarou,
    Mikey Chung and Sticky Thompson. Great backing vocals by
    Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt. A slice of sweets ..


    01 – I scare myself
    02 – Irony
    03 – Guilt
    —- More money
    04 – Till the doctor gets back
    05 – Broken english
    06 – Times square
    07 – Over here (no time for justice)
    08 – Give me love
    09 – The bold fenian men


    Posted by Moos
    at 8:48 AM
  • Thursday September 3, 2020

    01 – Only one dub
    02 – Mount zion-I
    03 – Dub forever
    04 – Deep root dub
    05 – Red, gold & green
    06 – Highland dub
    07 – Dub herbs
    08 – Volcano
    09 – East end dub
    10 – Dub struggle
    11 – Sound minded
    12 – Dinosaur


    Posted by Moos
    at 9:09 AM
  • Thursday August 20, 2020

    click on it

    There’s hardly a man, woman or child in Jamaica who doesn’t
    know the voice of Prince Buster. Turn on the radio any hour of
    the day or night, and his infectious Blue Beat is certain to start
    echoing round the room. His records dominate the jukeboxes,
    and wherever he appears, the “House Full” signs are displayed
    long before he makes his entrance on stage. ( backsleeve ..)

    Prince Buster’s Blue Beat, later called Ska, conquered England
    and America already in the sixties. Later his songs were covered
    by many groups such as the Specials when ska music relived
    from the late seventies. Contains his famous Al Capone
    and Ten Commandments. Get it & spread it ..


    01 – Earthquake
    02 – Texas hold-up
    03 – Freezing up orange street
    04 – Free love
    05 – Julie
    06 – Take it easy
    07 – Judge dread
    08 – Too hot
    09 – Ghost dance
    10 – Ten commandments
    11 – Al capone
    12 – Barrister pardon


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:53 AM
  • Wednesday July 29, 2020

    Another 1983 delicious slice is this one by Dalek I Love You.
    We enjoyed listening to it a whole lot. “Look Good, Get Smart,
    Smell Nice, Work Hard, Ambition”. Wonderful lyrics, funky sound,
    splendid art work “Have You Got It?” This was and still is one of my
    favourite new wave albums. If you never heard it, do not hesitate,
    get it and spread it as usual straight away. Again some skips may
    be slightly out of place, better listen in one take ..

    Een andere heerlijke 1983 schijf vinyl is deze met Dalek I Love You.
    We hebben er altijd met enorm veel plezier naar geluisterd. “Look
    Good, Get Smart, Smell Nice, Work Hard, Ambition”. Geweldige
    teksten, funky sound, prachtig art work. “Have You Got It?” Dit
    was en is nog steeds één van m’n lievelings new wave platen.
    Als je ‘m nooit hebt gehoord, twijfel dan niet. Down, deel
    en luister onmiddelijk zoals altijd. Wederom kunnen
    enkele skips wat fout zitten, luister het best achter
    elkaar door dus ..


    01 – Holiday in disneyland
    02 – Horrorscope
    03 – Health and happiness
    04 – The mouse that roared
    05 – Dad on fire
    06 – Ambition
    07 – Lust
    08 – 12 hours of blues
    09 – Sons of sahara
    10 – Africa express


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:09 AM