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Categorie archives: Ga Folk

  • Wednesday March 31, 2010

    The Dzadzeloi, front, cd size

    “Alternating between the different rhythmic forms of the
    Dagomba, the Ashiko and the Otofo, the Dzadzeloi ( ‘bards’ )
    combine dexterous drumming and harmonious singing, using
    epigrams and platitudes as the basis of their songs.”
    ( backsleeve )

    “Another initiative came in the Ga Cultural Revival spearheaded
    by the neotraditional cultural troupe ‘Wolumei’ ( Ga for ‘Fetish Priest’ )
    – to encourage pop-minded young people “to forget foreign music
    and do their own thing”, in the words of leader Nii Ashitei. They toured
    with Kwaa Mensah and were soon followed by other Ga bands such as
    Dzadzeloi, Blemabii, Abladei and Suku Troupe.”
    ( the Rough Guide on World Music )


    1 Two paddy follow one girl
    2 Kotei
    3 Mini mfe bo
    4 Awie awie
    5 Afolo yo
    6 Wonshe hunu
    7 Laye bi
    8 Sweet Elizabeth
    9 Gbele ngbe mi
    10 Aye oshugya


    Posted by Moos
    at 9:43 PM