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Categorie archives: England

  • Monday June 17, 2024

    By the end of the eighties there was a revival of jazzy grooves
    on the Brittish ‘Acid Jazz’ label. It released jazz, street-soul, funk,
    jazzrap, hiphop, retro-kitch and so. Founded by Gilles Peterson
    and Eddie Piller. Later Gilles Peterson started the Talking Loud label.
    This is one of the first releases under the name Totally Wired. A bunch
    of compilations followed. It was specially made for the Club Dancing
    Scene, but we used to play it a lot in our local coffeeshop too. Our
    public loved it. soulful, funky jazzy, wild stuff ..

    Tegen het eind van de jaren tachtig was er een opleving van jazzy
    grooves op het Britse ‘Acid Jazz’ label. Ze brachten jazz, street-soul,
    funk, jazzrap, hiphop, retro-kitch en dergelijke. Opgericht door Gilles
    Peterson en Eddie Piller. Later richtte Gilles Peterson het Talking Loud
    label op. Dit is een van de eerste uitaven onder de naam Totally Wired.
    Een rij compilaties volgde. Speciaal gemaakt voor de club dans scene.
    ook wij draaiden het veel in onze lokale koffiesjop. De gasten smulden
    ervan. Zielvolle, funky jazzy, wild spul ..

    Acid Jazz

    01 – A Man Called Adam – Love me to death
    02 – New jersey Kings – Sweet cakes
    03 – What’s What – The odd one (part 1)
    04 – The Ulf Sandberg Quartet – Bolivia
    05 – The bukky Leo Quintet – Olumo rock
    06 – Galliano – Frederic lies still (live in tokyo)
    07 – Haryou – Latin jam
    08 – The Hip Joints – Lickout
    09 – The Jazz Renegades – Playing for real
    10 – Bangs a Bongo – Batu-casu
    11 – Bukkleo – Galliano – The freedom principle


    Posted by Moos
    at 3:26 PM
  • Friday April 27, 2018


    Another album from Trojan’s Producer Series made at the
    end of the eighties is this one. Niney the Observer and Friends.
    Several cuts from between 1974 and 1976..

    Nog zo’n uitgave in de Producer Serie van Trojan in de late
    tachtiger jaren is deze. Niney the Observer and Friends.
    Diverse nummers uit 1974 tot 1976..

    tracks ;

    01 – The Reggae Crusaders – Bring the couchie come
    —–The Reggae Crusaders – Couchie dub
    02 – The Observers – Water boiling
    03 – The Observers – One train load of dub
    04 – Te Sons of Selassie – I man a african
    05 – Michael Rose – Clap the barber
    06 – Observer Band – Run bald head dub
    —–George Boswell – Jah fire
    07 – Dennis Brown – Wolf and leopard
    —–The Observers – No conscience
    —–I Roy – Sister maggie breast
    08 – Horace Andy materialist
    —–The Observers – Poor man style
    09 – Horace Andy – Psalm 68
    —–The Observers – Dub 68


    Posted by Moos
    at 10:31 AM
  • Saturday June 7, 2014

    22 tracks about footbal

    Speaking of football, or soccer, whatever you prefer, I decided
    to make a collector about it. It begins with a track from a cd
    full of 78’s collected by John Peel’s wife. Nice old song, in the
    middle we have two African songs, one Colombian and another
    oldie with the Marx Brothers. On no.13 we have a track sung by
    no one less than Pelé, with Sergio Mendes and on 20 a quite bad
    Dutch caranaval song by our own Johan Cruyff, you wont believe
    your ears. Most songs are Brazillian and about the famous Rio-club
    Flamengo or Pelé, get it & spread it…


    1 Albert Whelan – Pass! shoot!! goal!!!
    2 João Nogueira e Outros – Hino de flamengo
    3 Gasolina – E o juíz apitou
    4 João Nogueira – Samba rubro-negra
    5 Bezerra da Silva – Flamengo e mangueira
    6 Hélio Nascimento – Continuo a ser flamengo
    7 Varias crianças – Falando sobre futbol
    8 Luiz Wanderley – Rei pelé
    9 Pepé Kallé – Roger mila
    10 Johnny Bokelo – A.s. biliman
    11 Los Teenagers – Pachanga del futbol
    12 The Marx Brothers – Professor wagstaff presents the football game ( Groucho )
    13 Sergio Mendes e Pelé – Meu mundo é uma bola
    14 Wilson Simonal – Obrigado pelé
    15 Jackson do Pandeiro – O rei pelé
    16 Grupo Fundo de Quintal – Sou flamengo, cacique e mangueira
    17 Tim Maia – Flamengo
    18 Gilberto Gil e Germano Mathias – Samba rubro-negro
    19 Lonnie Donegan – World cup willie
    20 Johan Cruyff – Oei oei oei ( dat was me weer een loei )
    21 Gringo da Parada – Mengoooo
    22 Torcedores de flamengo – Mengoo


    Posted by Moos
    at 4:37 PM
  • Monday March 3, 2014

    Coyne, front

    To break with the daily grind for once, I’m spoiling y’all with some
    of those indestructible Kevin Coyne sounds. Always been a huge
    admirer of the man. You didn’t know him yet ? About time,
    to go short, you sat yo’ ass down for a solid listen.
    23 lp openers for your pleasure,…so snatch
    it, play it and push it through..


    1 Strange locomotion
    2 Saviour
    3 Stride ( Siren )
    4 Little miss dynamite
    5 River of sin
    6 God bless the bride
    7 Are you deceiving me ?
    8 I’m still here
    9 Stand up for england
    10 Dark dance hall ( live )
    11 The only one
    12 English rose
    13 Marlene
    14 There she goes
    15 Black cloud
    16 Fat man
    17 People
    18 Big money man
    19 Sugar turning sour
    20 Born crazy
    21 Marjorie razorblade
    22 Sugar candy taxi
    23 Relaxing with bonnie lou


    Posted by Moos
    at 3:09 PM