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Categorie archives: Creole

  • Thursday October 29, 2020

    On Harlequin we find this lovely cd with the music of Filiberto
    Rico and his group Rico’s Creole Band. He was a Cuban clarinet
    player and one of the first to bring Cuban music to Europe.
    Read more in this Bio.

    Blessed in Havana, Cuba, in 1910, Filiberto Rico was one of
    the primary wave of music artists to popularize Latin American
    music throughout north European countries. An alto saxophonist
    who doubled on flute, youthful Rico gigged and documented with
    several rings in Paris and Copenhagen through the past due ’20s,
    especially Moises Simon’s Orquesta Tipica Cubana. Rico’s Creole
    Music group was produced in 1930 and interested the Parisian
    open public using the conga, the beguine, as well as the bolero
    until a proliferation of Nazis (equipped with a racist Weltan-
    schauung that criminalized the cultural variety embodied in
    the word “Creole”) managed to get essential for this Afro-Cuban
    musician to absent himself from the spot through the years
    1941-1946. Rico’s postwar reputation in Paris and along the
    France Riviera is renowned, and continues to be related to the
    mixing of Western european and Latin American designs. His early
    recordings had been reissued in two amounts on compact disk with
    the Harlequin label in 1993-1994, and his postwar profession is
    documented on the retrospective two-fer released in 2003 by
    Fremeaux & Associes. ( MusicianBio)

    01 – Viva la conga
    02 – A una rosa
    03 – Biguine d’amour
    04 – Canto caribe
    05 – Lagrimas negras
    06 – Ce que j’aime
    07 – Rumba seductora
    08 – Quiero
    09 – La complainte de l’esclave
    10 – Chaparrita
    11 – Alma de mujer
    12 – Como una rosa
    13 – Mammy bong
    14 – Blanca rosa
    15 – La conga
    16 – Chiquita de cuba
    17 – la sitiera
    18 – Rumba galopante
    19 – Paris soir
    20 – 1-2-3 yep


    Posted by Moos
    at 8:41 AM