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Categorie archives: Carimbó

  • Thursday January 14, 2016

    Pinduca, voorkant

    Het is al weer bijna zover, carnaval in ons land bestaat
    eigenlijk slechts onder de grote rivieren zogezegd. Hét
    land van de carnaval is natuurlijk Brazilië. In de provincie
    Pará was Pinduca een van de groten met zijn Carimbó.
    Luister naar deze soort van “‘Best Of’ ofwel zijn Seleção
    de Ouro. Je moet ervan houden, vrolijke feestmuziek.

    It is almost the time for it again, in our small country it
    nearly exists part from under the two big rivers that is.
    Thé country for carnaval is Brasil of course. In its province
    Pará one of the big artists in this field was Pinduca with
    his stirring Carimbó. Listen to this type of ‘Best Of’ or as
    they say here, Seleção de Ouro. Just for happy party lovers.

    titels ;

    01 – Sinhá pureza
    02 – O pinto
    03 – Tia luzia, tio josé
    04 – Dança do carimbó
    05 – Bicho papão
    06 – Sirimbó
    07 – Bala de rifle
    08 – Dona maria
    09 – Mistura de carimbó com ciranda
    10 – Siri e caranguejo
    11 – Carimbó do mato
    12 – A bailar comachera


    Posted by Moos
    at 11:05 AM
  • Saturday May 9, 2015


    Eliana and Booker Pittman were famous for their jazz
    renditions. This 1974 album by Eliana solo however is
    an ode to samba and such. Songs of Martinho da Vila and
    Noel Rosa but also Carlos Lira and Benito di Paula.
    On RCA Victor, released in Venezuela but all
    Brazillian. ..and how about her looks, very
    beautyful, just like the music on this
    fine slice of vinyl, enjoy listening..


    01 – To chegando, já cheguei
    02 – Mar calmado
    03 – Abandonou
    04 – Capital do samba
    05 – Deus de barro
    06 – Motivação
    07 – Carimbo’
    08 – Quem dá mais ?
    09 – Kalu
    10 – Tristeza chama tristeza
    11 – Saudade vai saudade vem
    12 – Se não for amor


    Posted by Moos
    at 9:08 AM
  • Saturday October 11, 2014

    Pinduca, front

    Good morning groovers, I am so very happy to be independent,
    I found another album that disappeared from the old page. We
    copied everything from there to build the new page but now I
    find that some albums have simply been removed by Blogger.
    I was going to bring you volume two of Pinduca’s ‘Carimbó e
    Sirimbó’. I am very sure to have posted volume one about a
    year ago but now I find it gone. My regards to Blogger and
    here it is again, this time it’s here to stay. So you’re being
    lucky today since here are volumes one and two in the
    same post. Pinduca is from Brazil’s northern city Belém
    that lies at the mouth of the Amazone river and is the
    capital of Pará province. His carimbó is a style on it’s
    own, nice rhythms, very different from the music you
    are used to find in Brazil, it’s no samba, it’s no forró,
    it’s carimbó and sirimbó..listen..

    tracks volume one;

    1 Sirimbó
    2 Menina, menina
    3 Ariramba
    4 Dona maria
    5 O caçador
    6 Comanchera, comanchera
    7 Filha do lavrador
    8 Morena eu caio
    9 Tucandeira
    10 Pot-pourri de carimbós
    – Menina, menina
    – Tucandeira
    – O caçador
    – Airamba


    Pinduca, front

    tracks volume two;

    1 O pinto
    2 Vamos farrear
    3 Ralador
    4 Farinhada
    5 Lobisomem no quintal
    6 Comathera do amor
    7 Sinhá pureza
    8 Leão faminto
    9 Pisar no milho
    10 Mato cheiroso
    11 Sirimbó do vovó
    12 Carimbó do mato
    13 Dormindo e sonhando


    Posted by Moos
    at 10:02 AM