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Categorie archives: Amsterdam

  • Saturday May 7, 2016

    Morgen belooft het weer een broeierige dag te worden.
    Voor wie in de buurt is, de Global Groove trekt er op uit
    met m’n kliko soundsystem kun je me aantreffen bij het
    monument van Vondel vanaf een uur of drie. Tropische klanken
    onder de blauwe hemel is het mooiste wat er is, kom je ook ?

    Tomorrow we’re going to have a hot tropical day, about time to
    take our mobile soundsystem and head for the Amsterdam Vondelpark.
    If you’re around, pay us a visit from around 15.00 hrs near the
    statue of Vondel. Warm sounds under blue skies, the best there is..

    Posted by Moos
    at 9:00 PM
  • Saturday May 11, 2013

    La Sonora Cordobesa, front

    Dear music collectors, vinyl hunters and lovers of tropical
    sounds, as some of you may know, I am a fanatic hunter
    for all types of lp’s from the old days. As such I tend to
    visit the biggest recordfairs we have around, like the one
    in Utrecht twice a year. On the last few visits I have met
    with the guys from Vintage Voudou. It is a tiny recordshop
    in the heart of the Amsterdam redlight-district. You have
    to know where to look, right between the windows where
    various women offer themselves you’ll find a gate, ring a
    bell and go through a small corridor to find two very small
    recordshops. One of them is Vintage Voudou, the adress
    is Oudekerkplein 26a, only on thursday, friday and satur-
    day you’ll find them open. When I got there I met with Alex,
    one of the owners, we sat down and had a huge conversation
    about our favourite music. I found lots of Colombian albums
    at his place, really wonderful. We listened to the music,
    smoked a few pipes and spent some hours like that. Alex
    then gave me the number of another friend, he told me to
    check out the records of Sanjay Agarwal. Sanjay is the man,
    he travells to Colombia a lot, meets with the artists and made
    a documentary about Colombian music, take a look at the
    trailer of his documentary called Colombian Gold.

    A few days ago I payed Sanjay a visit in his Amsterdam appartment
    and we had a great afternoon listening to lots of Colombian music,
    talking about it and some of the hottest Colombian stuff changed of
    owner that day. For those who live close to Amsterdam, on saturday
    may 18th Alex is going to deejay a Latin-night at Blijburg, a very hip
    joint in the Zeeburg area of Amsterdam. Since his buddy Sanjay can’t
    make it to join him, I offered to step in, so if you see a chance, pop by
    and come have a dance and a drink. Take a look at Blijburg It will be
    an evening of latin music, strictly from vinyl, it starts at 22.00 hrs. Be there !
    The lp I am posting is one I found at Vintage Voudou and was imported
    by Sanjay. One of my favourite groups is absolutely la Sonora Cordobesa,
    listen to this lp and agree, sweet porro, jalaito, paseaito and mapalé
    you don’t want to miss, get it & spread it !


    1 Jalaito en monteria
    2 El loriquero
    3 La mafafa
    4 Bocachico sinuano
    5 Rosita
    6 Nenita linda
    7 Tumba cucharo
    8 Linda cordobesa
    9 No me pongas sebo
    10 Santa lucia
    11 Cara mona
    12 El pascuero


    Posted by Moos
    at 8:03 PM
  • Sunday September 4, 2011

    Zaïko Langa-Langa, front

    Yesterday, the weather was absolutely perfect in the Netherlands.
    Being the worst summer since ever, I didn’t have a choice. After
    that swell session in the Amsterdam Vondelpark some two months
    ago, this was the first and maybe last opportunity for me to try and
    repeat the happy happening. I picked the same spot and my newmade
    buddies from the last time were all there, playing football, a little BBQ
    on the side, sweet easy parklife. I settled in and played till the night fell.
    Look at my man Johnny Kluivert, who did this spontaneous rap. I had a
    wonderfull time and will be back on the first warm weekend day, be there.
    Now, here is another fine album by the great Zaïko Langa-Langa, get it
    while you can and enjoy listening ! The next Amsterdam session, I’ll
    try to inform you in advance, it all depends of the weather forecast.


    1 Sandra Lina
    2 Foshi
    3 Massela
    4 Nyongo ekeseni


    Posted by Moos
    at 1:11 PM
  • Saturday March 28, 2009

    Last oktober I posted an album by a dear artist from Amsterdam,
    the city of my ancestors. Johnny Jordaan is still a hero of the
    old days and has sentimental value to me. He used to sing with
    this fine lady. Tante Leen and Johnny Jordaan are unforgettable
    and there’s even a Johnny Jordaan Plein ( square ). Funny enough
    I bought this LP today in Utrecht instead of Amsterdam. The music
    is typical for the ‘Jordaan’, an area in old Amsterdam. Music quite
    different from what you’re used to find here. Tante Leen had her own
    little café where she used to sing for the public, the only day she
    didn’t sing was when Ajax played at home. Every fortnight on sunday she
    was in the Ajax football stadium cheering for her club.


    1 Mijn ouwe Amstelstad
    2 Oh Johnny
    3 Wanneer
    4 Ik ben zo verliefd
    5 Hand in hand
    6 Ik kan vergeten
    7 Aan de Amsterdamse grachten
    8 Waarom wil je niets meer van me weten
    9 De oude straatmuzikant
    10 Mijn jongen
    11 Kijk mij eens aan
    12 Op die ouwe Nieuwendijk


    Posted by Moos
    at 5:55 PM
  • Thursday October 16, 2008

    I use to post ‘music for the people’ of many country’s.
    This time I want to introduce a Dutch singer to you, one I
    really enjoy listening to. This is typical music from the
    Amsterdam neighbourhood, ‘de Jordaan’. The album is from ’85
    but the recordings are made between 1954 ( track # 1 ) and
    early 60’s. Johnny Jordaan had huge succes late 50’s, his music,
    though sung with enormous Amsterdam slang, was played throughout
    the Netherlands. I always loved it, something quite different
    for once. Hope you appreciate.


    1 Bij ons in de Jordaan
    2 Geef mij maar Amsterdam
    3 De afgekeurde woning
    4 De parel van de Jordaan
    5 Johnny’s potpourri 1
    6 Johnny’s potpourri 2
    7 Daar mag je alleen naar kijken
    8 Een pikketanussie
    9 Janussie
    10 Pruimenpap
    11 De begrafenis van Manke Nelis
    12 Vriendschap


    Posted by Moos
    at 11:40 PM