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Categorie archives: World

  • Sunday May 5, 2013

    Global Sampler vol. 40, cd sized front

    Hello Groovers around the Globe, at the 6th of May we celebrate
    our 5th anniversary already. Time sure flies. Unfortunately we are
    not yet in the opportunity to launch the new and independent GG,
    other work ( the one that keeps things running ) keeps coming in
    between. Ready or not, that can’t spoil the fun. People ask me why
    I don’t make Global Samplers anymore. It’s not I don’t want to but
    they were made for a reason. They are meant to show you the way
    around the blog and provide you with tips, but now most of our links
    are dead, so where do they send you ? Nowhere yet ! Mediafire had
    thrown out the last two samplers, vols. 38 & 39, let’s bring them
    back to start with and as an anniversary special I made us volume
    40. We are really making progress behind the scenes and
    soon you’ll be able to access all the old posts again at
    the new and improved page, it is a promise ! For now,
    download these three Samplers and listen,
    I drink to a long and healthy future
    of sharing my favourite music
    with you, cheers folks,
    get it & spread it !


    1 Orchestre Sinza Kotoko – Waba-kandi-tetoka
    2 Orchestre Baobab – Mi son
    3 Alberto Beltrán – A lo oscuro
    4 Celia Cruz con La Sonora Matancera – Cogele el gusto
    5 Simarro Massiya – Maya ozali coupable ya misere na ngai
    6 Chuito el de Bayamon – Los carreteros y el buen borincano
    7 l’Orchestre Minzoto Wella-Wella – Pingula
    8 Celina y Reutilio – La caña brava
    9 Orchestre Sega Sega – Adhiambo P. pt.2
    10 Max Romeo – Crime does not pay
    11 Orchestre Lipua Lipua – Blanche
    12 Franco et le T.P. OK Jazz – Mamou
    13 African Brothers International Band of Ghana – Otan hunuara kwa
    14 Gem Lucky Jazz – Yuniy Honey


    Global Sampler vol. 39

    volume 39, tracks;

    1 J.S. Essous & Nino Malapet – Bongo
    2 Franco & l’OK Jazz – Oh! Katharina
    3 Junior Byles – Demonstration
    4 Orchestre Les Trois Frères – Kumbe-kumbe
    5 Le Seigneur Rochereau – Pitié
    6 Red Spots – Oya kae me
    7 Chuito, el de Bayamon – Soy un caramelo
    8 Toni Iordache – Hora de la bolintin
    9 Duo Los Ahijados – El vacilon de pantaleon
    10 Orchestre Zaïko – Ima
    11 Kyeremateng Stars – Dee wo benya biara fa no saa ara
    12 Okukuseku Int. Band of Ghana – Why you de run
    13 Horace Andy – Eating mess
    14 Victoria’s King’s Jazz – Rieko magftich
    15 Justo Betancourt – Pa’ bravo yo
    16 Atakora Manu – Self contention


    Global Sampler vol.38

    volume 38, tracks;

    1 Orquesta Casino de la Playa – Cachita
    2 D.O. Misisani & Shirati Jazz – Isabella muga
    3 Joseph Kabasele et l’African Jazz – Tosekana
    4 Duo Los Ahijados – Kikiribu mandinga
    5 Winston & Robin – Bad mind grudgeful
    6 Trio Ce Pa Kos – Patchi manga
    7 Bholen & Negro Succes – Permission
    8 Orchestre Vévé – Bilobela 1&2
    9 Gregory Isaacs – Love is overdue
    10 Desmond Dekker – Please don’t bend
    11 ‘Fats’ Waller and his Rhythm – There’ll be some changes made
    12 Kwasi Boateng’s Band – Enne mpo ni
    13 Kintweni Sukisa – Nsongo nena
    14 Eric Hayden – Give her the No.1
    15 International de Nelly – Ruoth meda teko
    16 Star Band de Dakar – Mamaya ssima
    17 Victoria Jazz Band – Paul odera
    18 Alex Konadu – Bebome mame nko


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:57 PM
  • Sunday February 24, 2013

    Drunken Songs

    As some of you know I used to have a shadowblog called
    Ramdog’s Rough Site. It is still there but ever since Mediafire
    threw away all files it is waiting for renewal. At the moment it
    just works as a spamcatcher so I thought I’d renew some of
    it’s posts here at the Global Groove. This one is a compilation
    of booze tracks I made quite some time ago, hope U like’m..


    1   Outkast – Drinking again ( interlude )
    2   Eddie Harris – Drunk man
    3   José Alfredo Jimenez – Llego borracho el borracho
    4   Jim White – God was drunk when he made me
    5   Louis Jordan – What’s the use of getting sober ?
    6   Alfredo Gutierrez – La banda borracha
    7   General Echo – Drunken master
    8   Elizeth Cardoso – Eu bebo sim
    9   Ace Cannon – Drunk
    10  Davilita – El borracho
    11  U Roy and Hopeton Lewis – Tom drunk
    12  Jimmy Rogers – Sloppy drunk
    13  Los Ahijados – El borracho
    14  Coley Jones – Drunkard’s special
    15  Cuarteto Flores – Borracho no vale
    16  Calixto Ochoa – El muerto borracho
    17  Jorginho do Império – Assim é demais
    18  Grupo Fantasma – Borracho
    19  Djalma Ferreira e os Milionarios do Ritmo – Drinkando
    20  Lew Irwin & The Credibility Gap – Drunk voter


    Posted by Moos
    at 8:30 AM