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Categorie archives: MPB

  • Friday October 4, 2019

    When the weather is changing and fall drops in on us, I always tend
    to start playing more popmusic. Atmospheric stuff with lots of variety.
    Something quite else is this cd on the prestigious Luaka Bop label of
    David Byrne. His selections are outstanding and surprising. This album
    is from 1991, already 28 years of age but feels like yesterday. Mr. Byrne
    treats us with music from the UK, Brazil, the US and Cuba. A nice bunch
    of songs in different styles and moods, listen ..

    P.S. I discovered one strange mistake, track #9 is not Agepê as written
    on the cd’s cover. It is Martinho da Vila with Claustrofobia.

    Als het weer omslaat en de herfst zijn onstuimige intrede maakt, neig ik
    steeds vaker naar popmuziek. Atmosferische mengeling van stijlen en
    stemmingen. Iets tamelijk anders dan wat je hier gewend bent is dit. Op
    het prestgieuze Luaka Bop label van David Byrne komt deze bonte ver-
    zameling tracks die stammen uit het Verenigd Koninkrijk, Brazilië, de USA
    en Cuba. Het gaat van links naar rechts en andersom, luister ..

    P.S. Ik ontdekte een vreemde fout, track #9 is niet Agepê zoals de
    cd omslag vermeldt. Het is Martinho da Vila met Claustrofobia.

    tracks ;

    01 – A.R. Kane – A love from outer space
    02 – Jorge Ben – Ponte de lança africano (umbabarauma)
    03 – David Byrne – Dirty old town
    04 – Tom Zé – Augusta, Angélica e consolação
    05 – Conjunto Rumbavana – No me llores
    06 – Luiz Conzaga – O fole roncou
    07 – Silvio Rodriguez – Nuestro tema
    08 – Jack Dangers – Ava
    09 – Martinho da Vila – Claustrofobia
    10 – A.R. Kane – Miles apart
    11 – Caetano Veloso – Um canto de afoxé para o bloco do ilê
    12 – Trio Nordestino – Rejeição
    13 – Celeste Mendoza – Mi rumba echando candela
    14 – David Byrne – Make believe mambo (club mix)


    Posted by Moos
    at 12:45 PM
  • Sunday November 18, 2012

    Bossa Nova Gosto de Loronix

    For those who like to listen to laid back Brazilian music
    from the sixties and seventies, I made us this compilation.
    Before you start commenting, let me be the first to say;
    You’re right, this is not only bossa nova. This comp also
    contains some samba, chorinho and MPB for instance. I just
    picked a nice cover from the pile of Loronix material, after
    all, it was made under the spell of Zecalouro who taught us
    so much about this wonderful almost forgotten music.
    Consider it another tribute to Loronix and Zeca,
    Hope U like..


    1   Elis Regina – Folhas secas
    2   Thelma – O que é que a bahiana tem
    3   Nara Leão – Minha nega
    4   Sambalanço Trio – Samba pro pedrinho
    5   Sylvia Telles – Com você
    6   Elizeth Cardoso – Na cadência do samba
    7   Maria Bethania – Trés apitos
    8   Abel Ferreira – Chorando baixinho
    9   Dorival Caymmi – Eo não tenho onde morar
    10  The Bossa Three – Blues walk
    11  Astrud Gilberto – Você ja foi a bahia
    12  Ed Lincoln – Cochise
    13  João Gilberto – O samba da minha terra
    14  Djalma Ferreira e os Milionarios do Ritmo – Drinkando
    15  Claudette Soares – Bom tempo
    16  Milton Banana – Cidade vazia
    17  Celly Campo – Banho de lua
    18  Alberto Mota e seu Conjunto – Samba triste


    Posted by Moos
    at 12:08 PM