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Categorie archives: 80’s UK

  • Friday October 23, 2020

    From the same year as yesterday’s album, same label and
    also with Sly, Robbie, Barry Reynolds, Wally Badarou, Mikey
    Chung and Sticky Thompson we’ve got this stunning record
    by Joe Cocker. Also starring are Adrian Belew, Jimmy Cliff
    and Robert Palmer. What a great line-up and ditto album.
    Sly & Robbie guarantee an incredible fatback sound again ..

    Uit het zelfde jaar als gisteren’s album, zelfde label en ook
    met Sly, Robbie, Barry Reynolds, Wally Badarou, Mikey Chung
    en Sticky Thompson hebben we deze pracht plaat met Joe
    Cocker. Ook van de partij zijn Adrian Belew, Jimmy Cliff en
    Robert Palmer. Wat een Line-up en ditto elpee. Sly & Robbie
    staan wederom garant voor een ongelooflijk dikke sound ..

    01 – Look what you’ve done
    02 – Shocked
    —- Sweet little woman
    03 – Seven days
    04 – Marie
    05 – Ruby lee
    06 – Many rivers to cross
    07 – So good so right
    08 – Talking back to the night
    09 – Just like always


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:31 AM
  • Thursday October 22, 2020

    Vandaag maar eens een heel andere kant op. In de lange
    lijst Sly & Robbie projecten is dit een plaat die hoog staat
    op mijn lijstje. In 1982 kwam hij uit en scoorde direct als
    geen ander. Barry Reynolds werkte jaren met Marianne
    Faithfull met wie hij op deze plaat ook enkele nummers
    schreef. 10 strakke tracks die naast Sly & Robbie werden
    opgenomen met een aantal artiesten die vooral bekend
    staan om hun werk in de reggae. We zien Wally Badarou,
    Mikey Chung en Sticky Thompson. Prachtige backing vocals
    door Marcia Griffiths en Judy Mowatt. Een
    snoepje van de bovenste plank ..

    And now for something completely different. In the long list
    of Sly & Robbie projects, this is a record that stands in high
    position. It appeared in 1982 and immediately scored big time.
    Barry Reynolds worked with Marianne Faithful for years. She
    co-wrote a number of songs on this album. 10 tight tracks
    that, next to Sly & Robbie, were recorded with artists we
    mainly know from reggae music. We find Wally Badarou,
    Mikey Chung and Sticky Thompson. Great backing vocals by
    Marcia Griffiths and Judy Mowatt. A slice of sweets ..


    01 – I scare myself
    02 – Irony
    03 – Guilt
    —- More money
    04 – Till the doctor gets back
    05 – Broken english
    06 – Times square
    07 – Over here (no time for justice)
    08 – Give me love
    09 – The bold fenian men


    Posted by Moos
    at 8:48 AM
  • Thursday February 4, 2016

    African Head Charge, voorkant

    African Head Charge, achterkant detail

    Houd je van lekker vreemd instrumentaal getrommel
    en geblieb ? De meester op dit terrein was begin jaren
    tachtig zonder twijfel Adrian Sherwood. Hier hebben we
    nog zo’n sterk staaltje bizarre geluiden, congas, bongos,
    friction drums, fish, cabassa, keukenpannen, basgitaren,
    keyboards, chinese luit, elektrische percussie etcetera..

    Do you like some nice and weird instrumental drumming
    and blieping ? Absolute master in this territory was early
    eighties without doubt Adrian Sherwood. Here we have
    another fine example of bizar sounds, congas, bongos,
    friction drums, fish, cabassa, kitchenpans, bass guitars,
    keyboards, chinese lute, electric percussion etcetera..

    titels ;

    01 – Timbuktu express
    02 – I want water
    03 – Bazaar
    04 – African hedge hog
    05 – Depth charge
    06 – Fruit market
    07 – Snake in the hole
    08 – Many generations


    Posted by Moos
    at 10:31 AM
  • Sunday November 16, 2014

    the Mothmen, front

    Pay Attention !

    Quite some time ago, when I still made ‘Ramdog’s Rough Site’,
    I posted this album. Thought I already moved it to the GG but I
    guess I didn’t. This is the second lp on the great On-U Sound label
    and I have always liked it a lot. Typical 80’s UK sound, experimental
    stuff, reggae, punk and popmusic merged into this brandnew sound..


    1 Afghan farmer driving cattle/Animal animaux
    2 Not moving
    3 Factory/Teapoint/Factory
    4 Please let go
    5 Tardis
    6 Mothman


    Posted by Moos
    at 11:00 AM
  • Sunday December 21, 2008

    To have us a little variety, I thought some dub wouldn’t
    hurt. Early 80’s, when we were listening to loads of reggae,
    this LP came out and dublovers as we were, it scored enormously.
    I am still thrilled to hear it after all those years.
    Engineered by Mad Professor, Dub along groovers.


    1 Whatever we do
    2 Militant
    3 Push yourself-Make it work
    4 Rhythm collision
    5 Accusation
    6 Pleasures of the dance
    7 Weak heart dub
    8 Love and fire


    Posted by Moos
    at 6:25 PM