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Categorie archives: Blues

  • Sunday May 14, 2023

    It was 1984 when I got pleasantly surprised with this
    awesome soulful jazzy bluesy record with a number of
    topnotch musicians. They gathered for the occasion,
    composing music on texts of the poet Ishmael Reed.
    The main initiative was taken by Kip Hanrahan who
    also produced and directed the sessions. Allen Toussaint
    flew in from New Orleans to join guys like Taj Mahal, Olu
    Dara and David Murray among others. An album of sweet
    jazz fusion you definitely do not want to miss.
    I just rediscovered it in my collection,
    better get it and spread it ..

    Ik schrijf nu al een tijdje het Engelse stukje ook in het
    Nederlands. Zijn er veel mensen die dit nodig hebben vraag
    ik me soms af. Als je hier veel waarde aan hecht, wil je me dit
    dan laten weten ? Indien dit nauwelijks het geval is, houd ik
    het voortaan bij Engels alleen.

    In 1984 werd ik prettig verrast door dit geweldig fijne soul-
    volle jazz, blues album met een aantal top artiesten. Ze
    kwamen voor de gelegenheid samen om muziek te maken bij
    de woorden van poëet Ishmael Reed. Het initiatief was van Kip
    Hanrahan die de composities schreef en de sessies produceerde.
    Allen Toussaint vloog in uit New Orleans om zich te scharen bij
    de groep waarin Taj Mahal, Olu Dara, en David Murray onder
    anderen. Een fraai stuk jazz fusion dat je absoluut niet zult
    willen missen. Ik herontdekte de plaat in m’n collectie van
    de week. Dus, down, deel en luister ..


    01 – Jes’ grew
    02 – The wardrobe master of paradise
    03 – Dualism (1)
    04 – Oakland blues
    05 – Skydiving
    06 – Judas
    07 – Betty ball’s blues
    08 – Untitled II
    09 – Fool-ology (the song)
    10 – From the files of agent 22
    11 – Dualism (2)
    12 – Rhythm in philosophy


    Posted by Moos
    at 9:41 AM
  • Friday May 13, 2022

    Some people never quit, others give it up after a period.
    I used to be a viper from 1976 till 2016, when I couldn’t
    stop coughing I’ve never touched it again. I must say, life
    was good in those days, it is even better today. Still, when
    thinking back, a whole lot of crazy stories pop up and make
    me laugh. What are we speaking off? Listen to this marvelous
    cd and, if you’ve met that reefer man, you know ..

    Sommige mensen stoppen er nooit mee, anderen hangen
    de pijp in de wilgen na een tijd. Ik was een ‘viper’ van 1976
    tot 2016. Toen ik maar bleef hoesten was het klaar, nooit
    meer een korrel aangeraakt. Ik moet zeggen, het leven was
    mooi, maar het is vandaag de dag nog mooier. Als ik terug
    denk echter komen de leukste verhalen naar boven en wordt
    er veel gelachen. Waar we het over hebben ? Luister naar deze
    pracht cd en als jij de ‘reefer man’ kent weet je’t ..

    01 – Don Redman and his Orchestra – Reefer man
    02 – Cab Calloway and his Orchestra – The man from harlem
    03 – Stuff Smith and his Onyx Club Boys – Here comes the man with the jive
    04 – Bob Howard and his Boys – If you’re a viper
    05 – Bennie Goodman and his Orch. with jack Teagarden – Texas tea party
    06 – Buster Bailey’s Rhythm Busters – Light up
    07 – Trixie Smith – Jack, I’m mellow
    08 – Barney Bigard Sextet – Sweet marijuana brown
    09 – Sidney Bechet with Noble Sissle’s Swingsters – Viper man
    10 – The Harlem Hamfats – The weed smoker’s dream ( why don’t you do right_)
    11 – Cee Pee Johnson and Band – The ‘G’ man got the ‘T’ man
    12 – Andy Kirk and his Twelve Clouds of Joy – All the jive is gone
    13 – Georgia White – The stuff is here
    14 – Chick Webb and his Orch. with Ella Fitzgerald – Wackie dust
    15 – Harry ‘The Hipster’ Gibson – Who put the benzadrine in mrs. murphy’s ovaltine_
    16 – Clarence Williams and his Washboard Band – Jerry the junker
    17 – Fats Waller – Reefer song
    18 – Julia Lee and her Boyfriends – Lotus blossom (sweet marijuana)
    19 – Ernest Rodgers – Willie the chimey sweeper
    20 – Bea Floote – Weed
    21 – Buck Washington – Save the roach for me
    22 – Lil Green – Knockin’ myself out
    23 – Cab Calloway and his Cotton Club Orchestra – Minnie the moocher


    Posted by Moos
    at 8:12 AM
  • Wednesday November 27, 2019

    Op Hi-records, de altijd sterke producties van Willie Mitchell,
    in dit geval met Al Green. Jack Dupree met een van de grap-
    pigste songs ooit. Don Covay, de man waar Mick Jagger de
    zangkunst van heeft af gekeken. Willie Dixon, de nerveuze
    blues. ..en zo nog een zwik persoonlijk favoriete zwarte
    nummers. Vandaag voor jou gecompileerd, enjoy ..

    On Hi-Records, the always strong productions by Willie Mitchell,
    in this case with Al Green. Champion Jack Dupee with one of the
    funniest songs I ever heard. Don Covay, the man of who Mick Jagger
    got his singing style. Willie Dixon and his nervous blues and an-
    other bunch of personal favourite black songs. Compiled for you
    today. Enjoy listening ..

    tracks ;

    01 – Al Green – Tired of being alone
    02 – Champion Jack Dupree – Just like a woman
    03 – Don Covay – Sweet thang
    04 – Bobby Bland – Ain’t nobody’s business
    05 – Dyke & the Blazers – Shotgun slim
    06 – Willie Dixon & Memphis Slim – Nervous
    07 – The Robert Cray Band – Phone booth
    08 – Ray Charles – My mama told me
    09 – Clarence Carter – I’m qualified
    10 – William Bell – Then you can tell me goodbye
    11 – Al Green – Take me to the river
    12 – Dramatics – What you see is what you get
    13 – James Carr – At the dark end of the street
    14 – Jerry Butler – I could write a book
    15 – Lee Dorsey – A little dab a do ya
    16 – Johnny Ace – Don’t you know
    17 – The Impressions – Woman’s got soul
    18 – Solomon Burke – Love buys love


    Posted by Moos
    at 10:44 PM
  • Sunday April 6, 2014

    John Lee Hooker, front

    I could impossibly say it like Leadbelly, so I’ll leave it to him.
    Leadbelly said it this way;
    “Never was a white man had the blues, ’cause nothin’ to worry about.
    Now, you lay down at night. You roll from one side of the bed to the
    other all night long. You can’t sleep.
    What’s the matter ? The blues got you. You get up and sit on the side
    of your bed in the mornin’. You may have a sister and a brother, mother
    and father around, but you don’t want no talk out of ’em.
    What’s the matter ? The blues got you. Well, you go and put your feet
    under the table, look down at your plate, got everything you want to
    eat, but you shake your head, you get up.
    You say, “Lawd I can’t eat and I can’t sleep.”
    What’s the matter ?
    The blues got you. Wanna talk to you.
    Here’s what you gotta tell ’em:
    “Good morning blues, blues how do you do ?
    Good morning blues, blues how do you do ?
    I’m doin’ all right, good mornin’, how are you ?
    I lay down last night, turnin’ from side to side,
    Ohhhhhhhhhh, turnin’ from side to side,
    I was not sick, but I was just dissatisfied.”
    John Lee Hooker is another man who knows what it is to have the
    blues, and how to tell it.
    Proof that he can do so with individual style and dramatic force and
    surging swing is amply displayed in this collection, which must be
    regarded as one of the great blues albums of recent years.”


    1 Walkin’ the boogie
    2 Love blues
    3 Union station blues
    4 It’s my own fault
    5 Leave my wife alone
    6 Ramblin’ by myself
    7 Sugar mama
    8 Down at the landing
    9 Louise
    10 Ground hog blues
    11 High priced woman
    12 Women and money


    Posted by Moos
    at 3:43 PM
  • Thursday May 3, 2012

    Robert Johnson, Slower Version, front, cd size

    Many people ask for the re-up of these two lp’s. Robert Johnson’s
    famous ‘King of the Delta Blues Singers’. I posted the widely agreed
    slower versions which I made with the help of my Technics turntable.

    As you can see, everybody seems to like them better than the
    original too fast copies, I absolutely do too. Pass them on and
    spread the word, the slower versions are the right ones.

    tracks volume one;

    1   Crossroads blues
    2   Terraplane blues
    3   Come on in my kitchen
    4   Walking blues
    5   Last fair deal gone down
    6   32-20 blues
    7   Kindhearted woman blues
    8   If I had posession over judgment day
    9   Preaching blues
    10  When you got a good friend
    11  Rambling on my mind
    12  Stones in my passway
    13  Traveling riverside blues
    14  Mikcow’s calf blues
    15  Me and the devil blues
    16  Hellhound on my trail


    tracks volume two;

    1   Kind hearted woman
    2   I believe I dust my broom
    3   Sweet home Chicago
    4   Rambling on my mind
    5   Phonograph blues
    6   They’re red hot
    7   Dead shrimp blues
    8   Preachin’blues
    9   I’m a steady rollin’ man
    10  From four till late
    11  Little queen of spades
    12  Malted milk
    13  Drunken hearted man
    14  Stop breakin’ down blues
    15  Honeymoon blues
    16  Love in vain


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:47 PM
  • Tuesday December 20, 2011

    Three Minute Magic


    1 Kiskedee Trio – Congo bara
    2 J.B. Lenoir – Sitting down thinking
    3 Buddie Johnson – It’s the gold
    4 Orquesta casino de la Playa – Bruca manigua
    5 Carmen Dela Dipini – Dimelo
    6 Teddy Wilson – You showed me the way
    7 Slim Gaillard – Beatin’ the board
    8 Count Lasher – Talking parrot
    9 Bemi – Nabosani ndako
    10 Cab Calloway – Reefer man
    11 Robert Johnson – Terraplane blues
    12 Xavier Cugat & his Orchestra – Rumba rumbero
    13 Roberto Ledesma – Con mi corazon te espero
    14 Mildred Bailey – I see your face before me
    15 Earl Hines – Blue drag
    16 Alex Konadu – Owuo mpe silka
    17 Wrangler – Limbo teacher
    18 Effie Smith – Gettin’ out
    19 Big Joe Turner – Lucille, Lucille
    20 Louis Jordan – Psycho-loco
    21 Edmundo Arias – Chituchi
    22 Jimmy Pedroso – El loro
    23 Angel Luis Torruellas – El abusador
    24 Sunny Adé and his Green Spot Band – O le ku
    25 Miguel Aceves Mejia – Orgullosa y bonita
    26 Humphrey Eshitool – Jirani waganga


    Posted by Moos
    at 9:41 AM
  • Thursday December 8, 2011

    Joe Turner, front

    When the weather is changing drastic, like this time of year,
    and raving storms pull trees from the ground, it’s time for blues.
    Joe Turner is surrounded by some topnotch musicians on this
    1977 session. Alto sax – Eddie Vinson, tenor saxes – Rashid
    Ali and Wild Bill Moore, trumpet – Blue Mitchell, piano – Lloyd
    Glenn, organ – Gildo Mahones, guitars – Greg Beck and Gary
    Bell, bass – Lawrence Gales and drums – Bruno Carr. Spin it..


    1 Things that I used to do
    2 S.K. Blues
    3 Jelly jelly blues
    4 Hey little girl
    5 Shake it and break it
    6 St. Louis blues
    7 Oke-she-moke-she-pop
    8 My train rolled up in Texas


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:06 PM
  • Saturday February 5, 2011

    dit 'Farka'

    Ali ‘Farka’ Toure was born Ali Ibrahim Touré in Bamako, Mali.
    He was the 10th son but the only one that survived. His parents
    nick-named him ‘Farka’, which means donkey, because he was so
    stubborn and persistant. Famous in all of Africa his music is a blend
    of traditional Malinese and blues. Ali reached worldfame with his ’94
    album ‘Talking Timbuktu’ which he made with Ry Cooder. The album
    was crowned with a Grammy award as was his 2005 album ‘In the heart
    of the Moon’ with Toumani Diabate. He died 66 years old of bonecancer.
    Listen to this 1979 LP on Sonafric, Ali Toure – dit “Farka”.


    1 Banga
    2 Kombocallia
    3 Samarya
    4 Hany
    5 Djoungou
    6 Doya
    7 Kady


    Posted by Moos
    at 2:23 PM
  • Monday January 24, 2011

    Muddy Waters, front

    After that rush of Congolese music a little variety.
    Some blues will do the job I guess, that’s why we have an LP
    on ‘Chess’. Recorded live in concert at the Newport Jazz Festival.
    Some classic tracks like hoochie koochie man, listen.


    1 I got my brand on you
    2 I’m your hoochie koochie man
    3 Baby, please don’t go
    4 Soon forgotten
    5 I wanna put a tiger in your tank
    6 I feel so good
    7 Got my mojo working pt.1
    8 Got my mojo working pt.2
    9 Goodbeye Newport blues


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:54 PM
  • Sunday May 30, 2010

    Ethel Waters, front

    Since I found this blog with sweet old jazz and other classic
    stuff, I am completely gone listening to it. It’s a time consuming matter
    but I just can’t stop. I bet you know what I mean. This is Ethel Waters,
    she made huge impression on me when this came out. It was released
    in 1989 with recordings from 1934 and ’38. If you like this, better take a look
    here, you’ll find a lot of Ethel Waters and more.


    1 Miss Otis regrets
    2 Dinah
    3 When it’s sleepy time down south
    4 Moonglow
    5 Give me a heart to sing
    6 I ain’t gonna sin no more
    7 Trade mark
    8 You’re going to leave the old home, Jim
    9 You’re a sweetheart
    10 How can I face this wearied world alone
    11 I’ll get along somehow
    12 Miss Otis regrets*
    13 Dinah*
    14 I ain’t gonna sin no more*
    15 How can I face this wearied world alone*


    Posted by Moos
    at 7:38 PM