Still waiting ..


Dear visitors,
I am still witing for answers. My engineer tells me
we should not start posting yet. host/server people
should come with answers first. My hands are itching
to start re-posting and continue but if I do and the
past four months should be retrieved, things will get
confusing. So, hang on, be patient,
we’ll get there ..

9 thoughts on “Still waiting ..

  1. I’m sure we can all be patient. This interruption will give me a chance to catch up on my listening. You’ve certainly shared a ton of music with us. Hope your engineer gets things straightened out for you soon.

  2. eres desesperado deja de estar publicando tanto…. ahi tiene las consecuencias de estar como loco publicando hagas lo que hagas te seguiran fregando si sigues con la perrateadera un consejo……

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