Los Corraleros de Bogotá – Self Titled
Discos Rex 1971

Good morning groovers, yesterday a certain commenter
told me to stop posting music from cd and go back to
bringing stuff from rare old elpees. Okay, no problem
if you wish to criticize my work. However, if you do this
anonymous, I shall not publish it. Let’s
see, what do we have today ..

If you want something rare, this is rare.
I can’t seem to find them anywhere on the web.

Over the years we saw several albums with Los Corraleros
de Majagual. They were very famous. Today we find this
record with Los Carraleros de Bogotá. Some of the songs
were written by Efrain González of whom we found some
records before. Other songs were written by Julio Sanjuan
and José Barros. We have an elpee with Pedro Quinto
which also contains songs written by these three. I’m
not sure if any of them took part of Los Corraleros
de Bogotá. If anybody does, please share
your knowledge ..

Efrain González y sus Muchachos, Parranda Costeña
Efrain González y su Tres 1979
Pedro Quinto y su Conjunto, canta Buitraguito

01 – Levantate maria
02 – El niño
03 – Carmen miriam
04 – La cama de toña
05 – La flaca
06 – La mini falda
07 – Me voy al amanecer
08 – El gallo pelao
09 – Por un pelo
10 – Los gotereros
11 – El muerto
12 – Hojita de trinitaria


8 thoughts on “Los Corraleros de Bogotá – Self Titled
Discos Rex 1971

  1. Thanks for this one. I appreciate. The comment yesterday was not meant to be anonymous, and it was not to criticise your work, but with CD’s and releases that are still available in one form or another this blog will not be that special anymore. Anyways, this is one of my most favourite places to visit.

  2. cds, tapes, elpees, epees, flexi discs….
    we want everything !!
    thanks for sharing the unavailable music you love

  3. Anyone who would criticize your integrity, generosity, capability ought to have their head examined. To paraphrase an “old” friend : a toast. To all those who wish us well, all the others can go to hell. Cheers Moos

  4. Nor do I … That’s why I paraphrased; not to pontificate but to make a point. Regarding music mediums I don’t see the problem with posting CD’s. Has anyone tried carrying a turntable around their neck lately? In this case the medium is not the message. Thanks again Moos for the wonderful music whatever the format.

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