Dianga Chopin – Dianga Chopin
NUM 48044, Dianga Chopin 1984

Today we’ve got us another album from Congo with
musicians we’ve seen on earlier occasions. Master
Mwana Congo was present but also Loubassou Denis
La Cloche, Passi-Jo and Le Grand Tchico among others.
Sweet vocals with Dianga Chopin ..

Vandaag hebben we weer eens een plaat uit Congo met
muzikanten die we eerder de revue zagen passeren.
Master Mwana Congo was van de partij maar ook Lou-
bassou Denis La Cloche, Passi-Jo en Le Grand Tchico
onder andere. Heerlijke vokalen
met Dianga Chopin ..


01 – Vicky B-cherie V
02 – Rose antillaise
03 – Bothe love
04 – La vie, c’est la vie
05 – Miss, VI


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NUM 48044, Dianga Chopin 1984

    • Wasting your time? How rude is that? Be grateful and thank Moos for all the work he is putting into this blog. People like you should be blocked from downloading these gems.

    • Hi Moss, I cannot believe you are getting this kind of messages.
      Thanks for your dedication and the great music you share with us!
      You are my hero and you should recieve a Grammy Award for keeping alive those amazing rhythms!

      you don’t deserve this place

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