Conjunto Matamoros with Beny Moré
Tumbao Cuban Classics 1992

We ended 2020 with Cuban music and
now we open 2021 with Cuban music.
Just for the fun of it ..
Wishing everybody a swell, happy
and healthy new year !
Let the music take you there ..
Cheers, Moos

Another album with Miguel Matamoros, today he appears
with Conjunto Matamoros instead of Trio Matamoros.
Guest singer is the great Beny
Moré with his golden voice ..

Beny Moré, Sonero Mayor vol. 4 1982
Beny Moré y sus Amigos
Trio Matamoros 1996
Los Matamoros, Vuelven
Roberto Torres Recuerda al Trio Matamoros 1981
Trio Matamoros, El Cubanisimo vol. 1 1982
Beny Moré, Wikipedia
Beny Moré, Discogs
Trio Matamoros, Wikipedia
Conjunto Matamoros, Discogs

01 – Buenos Hermanos
02 – La cazuelita
03 – Se va a morir
04 – Ofrenda criolla
05 – Sere dichoso
06 – Que sera eso ?
07 – Penicilina
08 – Me la llevo
09 – Las penas de mi alma
10 – Oyeme
11 – Camina y van pa’ la loma
12 – Cosas de ayer
13 – Mi unica boca
14 – Que estan mirando
15 – Baila mi pregon
16 – Mailare mi son
17 – Soy maraquero


2 thoughts on “Conjunto Matamoros with Beny Moré
Tumbao Cuban Classics 1992

  1. Moos,

    Happy healthy 2021 (as much as it’s possible in this situation). For the, who knows how many years and how many discs, thank you again so much for your generosity and good taste. Much love from an enormous fan who’s been here since the beginning. And by the way I LOVE BENY MORE (and Matamoros, and Arsenio) and of course so much more that you post.

    A daily visitor.

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